Major in Spanish

In order to complete the requirements for a major in Spanish, students must complete a minimum of 36 semester hours (and a maximum of 48 semester hours) of Spanish courses numbered 201 and higher.

In additon to the required number of semester hours, students must complete either Spanish 351 or Spanish 352, Spanish 601 and two 400-level Spanish courses.

Students must also successfully complete a minimum requirement of 10 weeks of approved study abroad.

Finally, students wishing to complete a major in Spanish are required to complete Intercultural Communication (IC)101 or IC 102.

Secondary Education Certificate

For students who desire secondary education certification the major must include the following courses: Spanish 301, 302, 351or 352, 561 and 601. Additionally, students must complete the requirements for a minor in secondary education.

Other information:

Graduates of Westminster's Spanish program have gone on to pursue careers in teaching, business, financial planning, graduate degrees and many other fields.

Did you know?

Students who major in Spanish at Westminster are required to study overseas for a minimum of 10 weeks. In the past, students have studied in Spain, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile and Peru.