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Presentation on Irish dance in an area K-12 school

Comments from High School students:

“Thank you so much for taking your time to come to our school to share your experiences with us! It was greatly appreciated and interesting to learn about cultural differences!”

“I never really knew much about Flamenco dancing and bullfighting. Now I do. It’s always fun to learn about a new culture.”

“Thank you so much for coming to our school! You encouraged me to travel and read about other cultures!”

Comments from Area Teachers:

Area teachers at informational meeting

“Thanks for such a wonderful educational opportunity... The kids have not stopped talking about the Interdisciplinary Day at Westminster. They loved it! . . .This is what community outreach is all about…. The fact that the college presenters were so well prepared and modeled such professionalism was a real gift. I want my high schoolers to see such fine examples of mature students. Thank you.” --Marylee Houston, Wilmington Area High School Latin Teacher

“I was impressed by each of the student’s level of comfort in the classroom. Both had a great command of their subject and shared it well with their students. They were both very well prepared…. It is always interesting to hear about experiences in France…particularly about the cultural similarities and differences that American students have noticed.” --Kathryn Rentz, Laurel High School French Teacher

Presentation on colors in Spanish to elementary class

Comments from Student Presenters:

"The most valuable part was being able to share something with others that I am so passionate about.” --Kristin Allen

“It was valuable to see how enthusiastic the children were about participating in the lesson, as well as their enthusiasm for learning more about the culture and language. This is a really great and beneficial program for all of the community!” --Courtney Thompson

“The most valuable part of the presentation was teaching students about new cultures and their dances…Thanks for letting us participate in such a phenomenal program!!” --Abby Montgomery

“I actually CAN get up in front of high schoolers and teach – and enjoy it! I was surprised by the enthusiasm and questions of the students. This experience was a ‘preview’ of student teaching.” --Kerry Flaherty

“I learned the amazing connections children can make between what you are discussing in your lesson and their own experiences.” -- Jen Rossey

"Participating in Westminster's Language In Motion program has been one of my most memorable and rewarding college experiences by far. As a Spanish major and Secondary Education minor, I was able to reach out to students of all ages and help foster their knowledge and enthusiasm for the Spanish language and culture. In addition to helping younger students, I personally gained many things from the program. LIM was an excellent liaison between returning from my study abroad experience and returning to school; I was able to further my use of the Spanish language and share some of the unforgettable experiences I had while abroad. I can guarantee that participating in the LIM program is an experience very few people will forget."-- Rebecca Michalski

"Language In Motion is a great program for the advancement of foreign languages and world cultures. Not only did it give me, a French Major with a secondary education minor, the opportunity to share and teach French and Japanese to high school students, but also it exposed high school students to foreign language and culture not normally accessible. Thanks to LIM, the students and I were able to discuss certain topics such as French art and cuisine as well as Japanese origami that may not fit into the normal amount of grammar and vocabulary taught during school.Being one of the best internships and for upcoming language teachers, LIM helped me build a strong professional, social network with professors and fellow K-12 instructors." - Kenneth Cloonan



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