Honors Program

 The All-College Honors Program 



The All-College Honors Program provides opportunities for selected students to gain a deep appreciation of the multiple dimensions of knowledge. Only the most outstanding students in each class are eligible for admission to the program, either before the beginning of their first-year or during the spring semester of their first year; the selection is competitive. All incoming first-year students who are admitted as Honors Scholars receive the highest academic scholarship, the Vance Honors Scholarship.


The program is designed to create a community of Honors Scholars and to promote intellectual vitality and academic rigor. Honors Scholars complete an enhanced curriculum including rigorous research, thesis preparation, problem solving, and independent investigation beyond the norm. The culmination of the program is an Honors Scholar Project, in which the scholars work closely with a faculty member in their major to grapple with questions and issues in their field of interest.



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