Reading Specialist K-12

Welcome to the Reading Specialist Certification Program at Westminster College.  The graduate program for Reading Specialist at Westminster College is designed to develop the requisite knowledge, applicable skills, and appropriate attitudes in aspiring reading specialists.

Standards are woven through the coursework, the related field experiences, and the culminating internship. The integration of practical fieldwork, simulations, and problem-solving activities with the academic courses is central to the program.

The Reading Specialist Certification Program at Westminster is undergirded by...

  • a sense of service
  • a positive spirit
  • an emphasis on an ethical foundation
  • and the promotion of the highest professional standards.


Requirements for M.ED. with PA Certification as Reading Specialist

Successful completion of:

  • Comprehensive examination
  • Praxis exam (minimum score of 570)


Off-Campus Cohort Option

The Reading Specialist Program is also available in a cohort format. For more information, contact the Graduate Information Office at (724) 946-7353 or via email.