Faculty & Staff Perspectives

"With its faith heritage and its strong faculty, Westminster College is in an excellent place to learn about religion in the world. We offer an academically informed environment, complemented by the respect for religion engendered by Westminster's heritage and our combination of ordained ministers and academically successful scholars. The study of religion is supported by a generous endowment from the Vira I. Heinz Foundation."

Dr. Brian Rennie

Vira I. Heinz Professor of Religion Department of Religion, History, Philosophy, and Classics

"I came to Westminster in 1991 as a student and returned as a faculty member in 2001. What strikes me, both as an alumna and now as a faculty member, is the successful paths that our alumni take. My classmates are businessmen and businesswomen, entrepreneurs, lawyers, educators, scientists, ministers, administrators. My former students have gotten into the top graduate programs and professional schools in the country or have landed incredible jobs. If I had to put my finger on the reason, I would have to say it's the personalized instruction at Westminster that gives our students an edge."

Dr. Helen Boylan

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

"This is a place where yesterday meets tomorrow and your 'new' life begins. We will offer you diverse choices of academics and activities that will stimulate your interests."

D. Scott Renninger

Associate Professor of Physical Education and Department Chair

"Broadcasting students are taught by faculty who are or have been working professionals in the broadcasting business. The Westminster program is hands on from day one. The College TV and radios station are run professionally. This hands-on, professional approach gives Westminster students an advantage at internships and job interviews."

Dr. David Barner

Associate Professor of Broadcast Communications and Department Chair

"Westminster faculty are special. The faculty members at Westminster have the academic qualifications necessary to teach anywhere. We are special because of our individual concern for our students' development, including, but not limited to, the material covered in our courses. We really care about our students. Their learning is our goal."

Dr. Sandra Webster

Professor of Psychology

"When students choose Westminster, the only limit to their success will be their own ambitions. Westminster students have access to top faculty, recruited from across the country. They are challenged by a nationally-recognized liberal arts curriculum. They are prepared for the best graduate schools and for successful careers."

Dr. Ross Wastvedt

Associate Professor of English and Department Chair

"Westminster's liberal arts approach to education affords students the opportunity to develop skills and attitudes that will give them the flexibility to become the lifelong learners they will need to be in order to be successful in the fast-changing world of work they will enter."

Dr. James Perkins

Professor of English Emeritus

"What I like about Westminster College is what it 'isn't.' It isn't about egos. It's about excellence. It isn't about competing with your fellow students. It is about pushing yourself to achieve your goals and to set high standards for yourself. It isn't about living in an environment of constant superficial entertainment. It is about creating lifelong friendships, participating in curricular and non-curricular activities, and becoming active participants in a college community."

Dr. Robin Lind

Associate Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities

"The small liberal arts college was a new experience for me. When I joined Westminster's faculty, all my previous experience as a student and teacher had been at larger institutions. I was happily surprised by caring, camaraderie and openness that greeted me. Over the years, I have learned that those traits run deep at Westminster. When I was called to active military duty in Iraq, I left knowing that I had the absolute support of my colleagues and students. When I returned I was greeted with smiles, handshakes, and hugs, almost like returning to a second family. I know I missed the school almost as much as I missed my family while I was gone. Whether it is the entire campus community coming together to support a student or faculty member in need or one professor putting in extra time to help a single student through a course, Westminster is a place where students will know that they matter."

Dr. Scott Mackenzie

Assistant Professor of Theatre

"Westminster offers a distraction-free atmosphere in which to study, learn and grow. You will find a faculty, staff and administration, all experts in their disciplines, that interacts more like a large family than a disconnected group of individuals with their own agendas."

PJ Gatch

Adjunct Music Education Professor and Percussion Instructor

"My mom likes to say that she took me to Westminster in 1970 and forgot to come back to get me. I'm glad she forgot. I'm glad I chose Westminster ... Westminster opens doors to academic learning, and doors to encourage the contemplation of faith and still other doors for personal and social growth and ultimately doors to the future. The kindness and goodness of Westminster is realized as those doors will be held open by others."

Dr. Darwin Huey

Professor of Education and Graduate Program Director

"Westminster College is the kind of place where motivated individuals can still make a positive difference. Westminster is filled with good people -- people who look out for the students' best interests."

Mark Meighen

Senior Director, Advancement Administration

"Westminster College is more than just a college, it is a place where students are challenged to succeed, to interact, and grow as individuals. I feel so blessed to be part of this institution. I marvel at the transformation of a first-year student nervously trying to make their way on campus to a confident young adult who is ready to embark on the career path they set in place while at Westminster College."

Merrianne H. McGill L'05

Westminster Fund Coordinator

"Westminster is small and personal enough that people who work here know students by name, and consider them part of the Westminster family. Even nicer... that doesn't change when they become alumni."

Jackie Meade

Career Center Director

"The people are what are special about Westminster College .... the people who learn here, the people who teach and work here. The mission of teaching and learning is enriched by the culture of giving and sharing."

Gloria Cagigas

Vice President for Institutional Advancement

"Westminster is small enough to value and nurture the individual--students and staff--while encouraging involvement in the larger community. Education extends well beyond academics and the classroom to include opportunities for service locally and globally."

Sandi Chandler

Communication Specialist

"Westminster is a place where you feel at home from the moment you first step on campus. The Westminster community cares for you. You aren't a number ... you're part of the family."

Natalie Yingling '00

Associate Director of Admissions

"Westminster has a rich tradition built by coaches, faculty, staff, and alumni who have gone before us. The college continues to offer a quality education in a beautiful, small town setting, and will be the starting point for many more success stories ... adding to the tradition."

Brad Tokar '91

Dean of Admissions & Enrollment Management

"Westminster is all about commitment. Students and staff are committed to helping each other succeed. When students become alumni, they continue that commitment, helping future generations achieve even greater successes. It's what brought me here over 20 years ago, and it's the biggest reason I'm still here. Westminster people never stop caring about each other and the world around them. They see and understand their role in the big picture."

Gary Swanson '88

Director of Audio Visual Services

"Westminster is unique, dedicated in its teaching and existence to the whole person. Opportunity to grow in every aspect of life is fostered and encouraged here, and that makes the College rich in history, tradition and heart."

Carey Anne Meyer LaSor '86

Coordinator, Young Presbyterian Scholars Program

"It's not the beautiful stone buildings and picturesque setting. It's not that we offer more technology or nicer dorm rooms. It is the PEOPLE that make this place. I get excited to come to my job every day because of the opportunities I have to interact with families and students, coworkers and friends. I get to impact people in a truthful and sincere way with each new student I have the honor of working with. What's special about Westminster can't adequately be put on paper. It shows on the faces of those you meet on campus, whether in the classroom or in the dining hall."

Jennifer A. Hough '98

Associate Director of Admissions

"It is my privilege, as an employee of Westminster College to participate in the community spirit that exists on our campus. Connections are forged and tightened between students and staff that endure well beyond a typical college experience. Our graduates don't forget . . . they return to campus and report that their Westminster links continue to grow."

Beth Brooks

Student Affairs Office