Faculty Development Officer

Charlene Klassen Endrizzi

The Faculty Development Officer (FDO) responsibilities and duties are the following:

  1. Responsibilities:
    1. reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs;
    2. is an ex officio member of the Faculty Development Committee (FDC).
  2. Duties:
    1. offers individual, confidential consultation for faculty about classroom teaching and professional development;
    2. on request, reads course evaluations and visits classroom teaching;
    3. coordinates workshops on teaching effectiveness;
    4. communicates information about conferences, fellowships, and awards;
    5. communicates information about issues, developments, and concerns about the teaching profession;
    6. serves as resource for faculty members seeking professional development and funding opportunities;
    7. assists faculty in preparing portfolios for third-year, tenure, and promotion reviews;
    8. screens sabbatical and special research award proposals to ensure that proposals are complete before sending them to the Faculty Development Committee for review;
    9. reads course evaluations;
    10. plans, administers, and prepares Faculty Development budgets;
    11. plans new faculty orientation, faculty workshops, and Faculty Forum events;
    12. administers the Faculty Development funds, reports each semester to the FDC the awards approved, amounts granted and the nature of approved projects;
    13. collects and reviews results of funded projects;
    14. manages the Watto Faculty Commons that houses resource material;
    15. remains current on educational issues.