The following activities should be regarded as suitable for faculty development support:

  1. workshops and/or ongoing programs devoted to teaching improvement;
  2. seminars and conferences intended to improve teaching, scholarly investigation, research capabilities, or enhance service opportunities;
  3. interdisciplinary study or program development which enhances the liberal arts emphasis of the college;
  4. sabbatical leaves devoted to the improvement of teaching, enhancement of knowledge, creative production, and/or research in a field with general applicability to higher education;
  5. individual projects designed to improve the quality of the curriculum, to expand one's knowledge base, or to pursue research in a discipline;
  6. creative expression or performance in the arts;
  7. scholarly research for publication.

Funds can be acquired through the following programs.  Click the Fund or Award name to get more information.

Conference Funds (FCF)

Professional Development Funds (PDF)

Research Funds (FRF)

Special Research Awards:
Sabbatical Awards

To see a comprehensive guide to Westminster College Internal funding opportunities click here

To find the Faculty Development Funding Table for 2011-2012 that shows the type of fund, purpose, elgibility, amounts and deadlines, see the Faculty Development folder in the Westminster College V:drive.