About Faculty Development

Faculty development at Westminster College is an ongoing process to keep the faculty at their best in their teaching, scholarship and the necessary intersection of those two activities.  Faculty development activities include, but are not limited to:
  • The Weekly Faculty Forum where faculty members present their recent scholarship, including the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Ocassional small group training sessions on current topics in technology, teaching and scholarship.
  • Formal development seminars for new faculty members, for all faculty members at the beginning of the academic year and for nominated faculty members at the close of the academic year.
  • Support for faculty scholarship in the forms of conference funding, research grants and faculty development grants.
  • Sabbatical proposal preparation and review.
  • Consultation on external grant applications.
  • Individual consultation on any faculty development issue, including
    • Faculty review portfolio construction,
    • Teaching issues, techniques and problems and
    • Resources for professional development.

Faculty Development at Westminster College

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