Conference Funds (FDCF)

Proposals are evaluated on the basis of their relevance to scholarly and/or creative activity, professional growth in teaching, curriculum planning, or other service to the College. The FDC informs applicants of funding decisions.
  1. Preference is given to faculty giving papers and/or chairing sessions at conferences, or actively participating in workshops or seminars.
  2. Normally, FDCF are awarded only after departmental travel funds for a faculty member have been spent. However, FDCF may be awarded outright to a faculty member participating in a conference, workshop, or seminar outside that faculty member's discipline.
  3. Awards will generally not exceed $1,000.
  4. Applications are considered throughout the year, and FDCF money will be rationed to ensure equal opportunity to participate in activities later in the academic year.
  5. Within 30 days after returning from the event, faculty who receive FDCF money submit tangible evidence of participation in the conference, workshop, or seminar to the FDO.
  6. Procedure for application and filing of the conference award fund forms is below.

The Process for Getting Conference Fund

  • You plan to attend a conference.
  • You submit an application for conference funds (the first $500 comes from your department) using the Conference Award Form found on the V: Drive. Please make a complete application including:
    • The name, dates and places for the conference,
    • The nature of your participation including the title of your presentation, and
    • The estimated budget for the conference including the total requested from the Faculty Development Conference Fund.
  • Your department chair reviews the application form and signs it. 
  • The FDO review it and recommends funding to the Dean.
  • The dean reviews and approves the recommendation and sends the forms back to the FDO who inform you and the business office of the award.
  • You may request an Advance to cover conference expenses. (The Travel Advance Form should be available from your department secretary.)
  • You attend the conference. Keep track of your expenses and all the reciepts.
  • As soon as possible when you return from the conference complete the Travel and Entertainment Expense Form (T&E) and your brief report of the conference. 
  • The T&E (Travel and Expense) form requires you to list each expense for each day of your travel and provide reciepts.  You must have your chair review it and sign for the department portion ($500) and then send it to me for me to review, initial and send on to the dean. 
  • Along with the T&E you must submit a short report of your activities.  It should include what you learned at the conference that you'd like you colleagues at Westminster to know about.  It will keep the FDO informed about your development while also meeting your goals as a faculty member at Westminster. 
  • After the FDO has reviewed your report and approved your T&E it is sent to the business office.  They set your account straight reimbursing you for the expenses you incurred and booking the other expenses (e.g., advances and directly purchases items through your department budget) to the right accounts.
  • The FDO notes accomplishment for announcing at the Faculty Forum, posting on the Faculty accomplishments bulletin board in Old Main and notify Westminster's PR department for external publicity of your accomplishment.