The Watto Award

Ruth Watto, class of 1951 and her husband George Watto (deceased), class of 1953, have endowed the faculty development fund. Their purpose is to encourage continued professional development among Westminster faculty members. The first part of their endowment allows us to offer two $3,000.00 awards(one in fall and one in spring) annually to tenured faculty. The award may be used to support scholarship and research. A $1,500.00 award is offered for the spring semester to untenured faculty who have passed their mid-probationary review.

Applicants may be untenured or tenured faculty members.

In the application form is found on the College Network V: Drive under the Faculty Development Folders. A successful application must provide a detailed narrative/account of the proposed project to be undertaken with the Watto Award. Because the Faculty Development Committee members will base their decision to award on the materials provided. The application should be clearly articulated and provide detailed information on:

  • Description of project,
  • Prior work on project or reason for new project,
  • Explanation of how this project fits into your ongoing work as a scholar and teacher,
  • Projected schedule or information about activity,
  • Bibliography (if applicable),
  • Materials/travel anticipated,
  • Estimated Budget
  • Projected publications (if applicable), and
  • Relevant supplemental documents (attached) to help the Committee in its deliberations.

Applications are accepted for review each semester.  They must be submitted to the Faculty Development Officer who reviews them for completeness.  Applications are then evaluated by the Faculty Development Committee who recommends one proposal for funding.  Proposals reviewed in the fall semester are for work beginning the following January.  Proposals reviewed during the spring semester are for work beginning July.