Each Spring semester faculty members who are eligible to apply for a sabbatical receive a letter from the Dean of the College that informs them of the application procedure.  Eligible faculty members have tenure at the time of application and have completed at least six years of full-time teaching since beginning at Westminster or since their last sabbatical.  

Completed applications for a sabbatical are to be submitted to the Faculty Development Officer usually during the last week of September. The exact date is given in the letter describing the application procedure.  Faculty members wishing to submit a sabbatical proposal are encouraged to consult with the Faculty Development Officer early in the process.

The Faculty Development Committee (FDC) will evaluate the proposal, along with other pertinent data (furnished by the VPAA) concerning previous departmental and individual sabbaticals.  The FDC may request further information relative to the sabbatical.  The Committee will send its recommendation to each applicant and to the VPAA, who will review and make recommendations to the President for his approval and transmission to the Board of Trustees for consideration at their February meeting.

Guidelines for sabbatical applications are as follows:

  1. The plan you submit must demonstrate its benefit to you and the College.
  2. The plan should be as detailed as possible.  Some arrangements, obviously, may be tentative.
  3. The plan must be submitted on the appropriate form and should, so far as possible, include supporting documents.
  4. Applications for full-year sabbaticals will receive preferential consideration.
  5. One semester sabbatical application will be approved to the extent that available funding allows.