Research Funds (FRF)

Projects are evaluated on the basis of scholarship, anticipated results relevant to the academic programs of Westminster, and the likely completion of the project in a reasonable period of time.

  1. Preference is given to research that can be conducted on campus. Funds may be used to purchase/rent/loan materials or equipment and cover duplicating costs. Funds may also be used to travel to libraries or to conduct research with colleagues from other institutions.
  2. Scholarly publication or presentation in an appropriate forum is expected for the completed project; however, costs of publication and attending a meeting for the purpose of presentation should draw upon other resources (departmental or other Faculty Development Funds).
  3. Money from this fund is not to be used for curriculum development.
  4. Funds may not be used to supplement faculty salaries.
  5. Funds may not support projects contributing to an advanced degree.
  6. Projects should not extend beyond two years.
  7. Awards will generally not exceed $1000 per year.

Materials or equipment purchased with these funds may serve a future instructional purpose as well as an immediate research function. Departments that will benefit from the acquisition of equipment have some responsibility for providing routine items from departmental funds. Student participation should be sought wherever possible through independent study and honors programs. Students involved in the actual research work to the extent of receiving credit or sharing in the recognition should not normally be paid. Other assistance may be compensated. Faculty receiving FRF money must submit to the FDO tangible evidence of progress at the end of each academic year.