McCandless Award

The Faculty Development Committee welcomes applications for the McCandless Scholar Award. This award has been endowed by the estate of J. Bardarah McCandless, Professor of Religion, 1961-1994.

The award, designed to honor the memory of Professor J. Bardarah McCandless and to encourage scholarly activity on Westminster's campus, will be given to one full-time tenure-track faculty member holding the rank of Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor. The McCandless Scholar will receive eight semester hours of reassigned time and monetary support of up to  $3000 for research and scholarship expenses.

The recipient will be required to submit a report of scholarly activities undertaken to the Academic Dean by the end of the academic year in which the reassigned time was awarded. A copy of this report will be filed with the Faculty Development Officer and with the Faculty Development Committee.

The Process for Getting Conference Funds

An applicant for this award should submit a detailed project description to the Faculty Development Committee by the established deadline (typically early in fall semester). The committee will recommend to the VPAA a candidate for the McCandless Scholar, guided by the following principles:

  • the award is open to all full-time faculty members of Westminster College who have completed their mid-probationary review;
  • McCandless Scholars must wait five academic years (from the time of their award) before applying again for the award;
  • previous sabbaticals or reassigned time, however recent, will not count against one’s candidacy; and
  • the selection criteria are as follows:
    • the quality, focus, and presentation of the proposed research project;
    • the likelihood that substantial progress can occur within the allotted time
    • the degree to which the proposed research project fits into the larger research agendas and long-range projects of the faculty member; and
    • evidence of prior scholarly activity.