Web Sites

ABC News
-A good point of reference because of the access to daily news both national and international.

Business Wire
-Hyperlinked to corporate homepages which supplies a variety of information. Includes topics such as technology, health, financial, reports, specific corporate News, sports, media services, and client services.

The Boston Globe
-Provides on-line access to this publication.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
-Provides labor statistics, information concerning the US economy, unemployment, population, weekly and hourly earnings.

CEO Express!
-Gives online access to news, business research, world facts and more.

-Furnishes information concerning local Denver art and entertainment as well as alternative news happenings.

Electronic Newsstand
-Gives access to all magazines and newspapers, also lists the top ten magazines in the United States.

-Provides information on any desired topic(s), as well as additional links to topic.

ESPN Sportszone
-Provides up-to-date sports news and facts as well as sport statistics.

Industrial Technology
-Provides information on international news and world issues.

International Association of Business Communicators
-Features information on sensors, hydraulics, valves, pumps, many more technical items and the production process.

The Library of Congress
-Gives access to a multitude of legislative information, research material and library services.

News and Media
-Provides many different listings for various news-related Web sites.

The New York Times on the Web
-Provides same information as the hard copy, but also provides additional links to related topics published.

Press Information
-Provides paths to press releases form a wide variety of organizations.

PR Newswire
-Provides resources from worldwide corporations concerning media, business, finances and investors. It also lists "today's latest stories."

PRSA-Public Relations Society of America
-Gives information about the society and provides access to PR publications.

Public Relations Society of America
-Contains information about advertising, marketing and public relations. It discusses professional services, contracts, jobs, and business information.

The Royal Society of Chemistry
-Allows researchers and students access to journals, libraries and databases concerned with chemistry.

Social Science Data Archives- the Australian National University
-Provides access to international social science data archives.

USA Today
-Gives factual diverse information and current global and national events.

U.S. Census Bureau-The Official Statistics
-Provides social, demographic and financial information about the United States as a nation along with the states separately.

U.S. Statistical Abstract
-Gives comparative international statistics about population, health and nutrition, education, geography and environment, state and local government, and science.

The Washington Post
-Presents same information as hard copy of the paper; national, international news, as well as links to other sites, classifieds, business and sports.

The White House Briefing Room
-Provides the latest government polices, press releases and government statistics.