ABC News (9 tape series)
-Provides clips from and information regarding this news source.

Advertising Age's the Best of Advertising 1993
-A record of some of the "best" ads from this year.

Basics of Direct Marketing (3 tape series)
-A general lesson on direct marketing.

Business 2000 - The Retailing Industry
-Provides information on the future of the retailing industry.

Business of America
-A general discussion of business in this country.

Competing in the 21st Century
-Discusses the present and future of competition.

Distinguished Lecture Series (24 tape series)
-An archive of videos of past lecturers at Westminster.

The Electronic Storyteller
-Outlines the ways in which new technology has affected traditional storytelling.

Foreign Language
-Offers insight on understanding people of other countries.

In Times Past: Radio Days
-Discusses the medium of radio in the past.

Information Superhighway
-Discusses the "ins and outs" of this aspect of technology.

The Killing Screens
-Addresses the question of violence in the media.

-Discusses different aspects of language.

The Media of Mass Communication
-Provides CNN News reports on the topic of mass media.

Myth of Liberal Media
-Provides framework for understanding how news is produced.

News Media in the Classroom
-Introduces the different types of media.

News Writing (8 tape series)
-Examines the news writing process.

Sexism in Language
-Discusses how to avoid such language.

The Shock of the New
-Discusses symbols of modern culture as they reflect the power of mass media, advertising, radio, and television.

Small Business Today
-Discusses topics relevant to operating a small business.

T.V. Ads: Our Mini Myths
-Examines the business of advertising in terms of what is “untrue.”

Westminster Diversity Symposium (3 tape series)
-Recordings of past diversity symposiums

Westminster Lecture Series (6 tape series
-Recordings of past lecture series.