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-A statistical approach to the thoughts and actions of the American people.

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-Aids in the planning, writing, and budgeting of PR programs.

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-Helpful in organizing an environmental campaign.

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-Gives dempgraphic information on more than 128,000 U.S. locations.

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-A collection of various environmental information.

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-Collection of environmental information.

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-Helps determine the size of a particular audience.
-Includes area rankings, statistics and population numbers.

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-Helpful in conducting historical research.

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-Useful in conducting a campaign in which economic terms must be understood.

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-Provides definitions of terms in these professions.

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-Composite listing of all associations. (Contains contact information for each.)

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-Useful in creating a list of various media outlets in any given geographic location. Contact and background information on each outlet is given.

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-Rationale: Provides statistical information in the form of survey results on a wide variety of topics. Includes an explanation of the data as well.

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-Useful when trying to make government contacts.

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Hoover’s Masterlist of Major European Companies. TX: Hoover's Business Press, 1997.
-Provides contact and background information on these companies as well as a "thumbnail description" of the company's profile. Also ranks the companies and provides a list of the competitors for each. These books would be invaluable when researching a client and its competitor.

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-Provides data on current and historical industries.

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-Collection of various company histories.

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-Used when conduction race relations.

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-Provides a chronological overview of news as well as abstracts of significant news stories.
-Can also be used to locate full text of articles in actual New York Times.

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-Source of locating, contacting and analyzing/classifying public relations agencies.
-Provides contact information and agency statement.

PR Casebook: 1000 Public Relations Case Studies. Washington: Gale Research Inc., 1993.
-Provides and excellent source of reference to past public relations campaigns. Divided into sections such as: events, changing negative perceptions, employee relations, crisis communications and creating visibility.

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-Lists magazine and article names about contemporary public issues according to subject.

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-Provides the percent of coverage each broadcasting outlet has over its area in the 50 states.

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-Tool for gathering information on PR case studies.

Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature. USA: H.W. Wilson, 1997.
-Excellent source for locating a variety of articles in different periodical publications. Arranged by topic.

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-Tool for learning how to combine PR with marketing and sales.

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-Complete statistical tool for gathering criminal justice information.

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-Indexes many different companies.
-Includes company data, industry basics, and production information.

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-Provides pertinent data concerning social and economical issues.

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-Contains comprehensive data on 185countries in the world.
-Includes information on: physical characteristics, demographics, ethnicity, religion, language, education, science, technology, government, labor, economics, and trade.

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-Classifies facts about Native North Americans.

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-Provides statistics on many topics.

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-Provides summaries of each Supreme Court decision during the 1996-1997 term.
-Includes detailed accounts of the most prominent cases.

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-Explains how to conduct different types of surveys.

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-Contains videos on health, science, business, industry, arts, etc.

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-Source for location full text of general articles in WSJ as well as corporate news and general reports.

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-Provides articles and exerpts on various companies. Also provides company profiles and lists of companies by industry.

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-Provides an alphabetic listing of companies as well as a ranking by sales, company analysis, and company contact information.

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-Provides biographic information on famous persons.

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-Provides an explanation of hundreds of words relating to public relations and communication.

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-A dictionary is an essential tool for any public relations professional or student.

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-Source of discovering information on various non-profit groups.

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-Lists vital facts and statistics on numerous issues worldwide.

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-A collection of reference tools to aid in the conduct of international business.

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-Gives statistical information in women and women’s issues.

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-Contains a variety of data on industrial companies.