Barron's (1933)
-Carries up-to-date information about the ever-changing world of business, stocks quotes, companies on the rise and other events on Wall Street.

The Globe
-A New Wilmington weekly publication that provides community news.

The Herald
-A Sharon, PA daily publication that centers on county news and issues along with national and international too.

New Castle News
-A New Castle, PA daily publication that reports community news, and also nation and international news.

The New York Times (1851)
-A daily publication that covers news concerning business, government and other countries issues that affect the United States.

The Plain Dealer
-A Cleveland, OH daily publication that reports the current issues and news.

The Pittsburgh Courier
-Provides local news and information on community issues.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
-A complete guide to local news in southwestern Pennsylvania, also includes national and international news.

USA Today (1978)
-A quick and easy source of information that includes sports, government, and money.

The Vindicator
-A Youngstown, OH daily publication that focuses on the local area news with some national and international news.

The Wall Street Journal (1965)
-Provides detailed information about the world that is precise and informative.

Washington Post
-Provides daily news and happenings in the government.