Advertising Age (1968)
-Tells what is new in advertising and it gives ideas on how to better advertise a product.

The Atlantic Monthly
-Discusses issues and news occurring on the East Coast.

Broadcasting and Cable
-Discusses information about current issues in the television world.

Bulldog Reporter
-Provides information on the top Fortune 500 companies and their public/media relations efforts.

Business Marketing (1983)
-Provides updated product information along with new ideas for the product and marketing departments.

Business Week (1933)
-A weekly publication that focuses on the happenings of the business world.

Congressional Quarterly (1948)
-Gives weekly accounts of the current issues occurring in the political world.

Consumer Reports Buying Guide
-Gives prices on many different products and can be used to compare products.

Current (1972)
-Gives updates on the activities of the business world and where products stand in relationship to competitors.

-A bimonthly publication that centers on the business world, investments, mutual funds and the activities of big companies.

Fortune (1930)
-A bimonthly publication that provides information on the business world and the economy.

Gallup Poll Monthly
-Provides demographic information.

Jack O’Dwyers Newsletter
-Provides current information on the practices and techniques on the field of public relations.

MIS Quarterly -Reveals information about technological advancements and concerns along with statistics on profits of various companies.

National Review (1956)
-A political look at the nation that provides the political structure in the different states across the country.

Nation’s Business (1929)
-Discusses how to do better business, employee relations and how to make a business better for the employees.

Newsweek (1933)
-Provides information on current events, national and international news.

New Yorker (1944)
-Provides information concerning New York City and the surrounding areas.

Personnel (1961)
-Gives examples and articles on how to deal with employees in different situations.

Pittsburgh (1976)
-Provides a complete guide to all the attractions to the city.

PR Strategist
-Provides articles on emerging practices and issues in the field of public relations.

PR Tactics
-Provides information about what is going on in the field of public relations.

The Public Interest
-Addresses the issues that concern the public.

Public Personnel Management (1973)
-Provides the ways employees work best in various conditions and a guide for teams to provide the best work environment.

Rolling Stone (1977)
-A great source of information concerning the entertainment industry.

Sports Illustrated (1959)
-Provides up-to-date information on the world of athletics with articles on different players and their statistics.

Time (1923)
-Provides a wealth of international and national current events.

US Industry and Trade Outlook (1998)
-Provides information on the selling market and how to maximize the effect of campaigns.

US News and World Report (1933)
-Concentrates on the latest technology, government happenings, and business concerns in the United States.

Variety (current issue only)
-Provides up-to-date information on the entertainment world.