Student Internship Experiences

Student: Aimee Eshbaugh
Work Place: Pittsburgh Magazine
Work Experience: Responsibilities in researching, fact-checking, and writing articles as well as attending a story conference, working with a freelancer and talking with all of the department heads.
Supervisor: Jennifer Pesci, Lifestyles Editor
Testimony: "Aimee was an excellent intern, always showing enthusiasm for assignments, encouraging the other interns and completeing projects efficently and creatively."

Student: Gregory Hoy
Work Place: WQED-FM
Work Experience: Assisted in public relations, fundraising, and audio production and record keeping.
Supervisor: S.K. Guberman
Testimony: "Greg was a tremendous addition to our staff during january. He was always willing to jump in and help wherever necessary. He offered a great deal of assistance with a major fundraising event: he designed a mock up newspaper from page with was an attraction at the event. His intelligence, enthusiasm, and charming personality were welcomed qualities toward achieving our goals for the month."

Student: Leila Ben-Nasr
Work Place: George Junior Republic
Work Experience: Trained adult staff members, sat in on staff evaluations, participated in and led group disscusions about films, edited staff operations and procedures manual, provided outstanding research on selected topics, conducting a staff poll.
Supervisor: Jerome E. Flint
Testimony: "Leila's strengths include her confidence, her ability to adapt to new situations and people, and her initiative. She did an outstanding job for our department."

Student: Heather Kern
Work Place: Butler County Community College
Work Experience: Assisted with daily functions of the public relations office; researched, wrote, and edited news releases. Produced a new brochure and revised an existing brochure. Assisted with planning and organization of special events.
Supervisor: Scott W. Briggs
Testimony: "Heather was outstanding! Her writing skills are exceptional. She is outgoing and communicates well. She was very willing to do anything that would assist in the successful completion of tasks for the President's Office."

Student: Tracy Repep
Work Place: Pittsburgh Public Theatre
Work Experience: Shadowed the assistant production supervisor, took notes on rehersals, entered data, and made phone calls.
Supervisor: Drayton Scott Foltz
Testimony: "Tracy was wonderful, bright, thoughtful, and a very hard worker, sometimes putting in 14-hour days. . . .I have had many interns. Tracy was the best!"

Student: Anastacia Greene
Work Place: Office of State Representative June Lucas
Work Experience: Completed comparative studies on various pieces of legislation, researched legislation and helped with secretarial and constituent work.
Supervisor: June Lucas
Testimony: "Stacy is an outstanding young woman and is very intelligent. I deliberately gave her one exciting and one not so exciting project to see how she would approach them and she tackled both with enthusiasm. Her comparative study on deregulation was very useful to me! She's going to be an asset to any employer one day."

Student: Jill Sinatra
Work Place: District Attorney's Office
Work Experience: Daily observation, organization, and research of criminal clases at all levels of prosceution.
Supervisor: Annette Hutchison
Testimony: "Having contact with intelligent, positive thinking, cooperative people is a real plus. Was enjoyable having Jill working with us."