Alumni News

"The public relations program at Westminster College was, for me, the ideal first step towards a career in my chosen field. In combination with a liberal arts curriculum, the PR major provided a solid foundation that I call upon each day. Throughout my four years at Westminster, the faculty inspired and challenged me, and I graduated with a skill set that served me well in graduate school and has not failed me in more than seven years of real-world practice.

My advice to prospective students and those who know that PR is the field for them- jump in, head first. The Westminster program is one of the best available."

Rebecca Zeitler

"I think the two most important things I did as an English major were writing my honors thesis and building my portfolio. Both were long, often frustrating projects that taught me discipline. Although my original portfolio burned up in the West Hall fire, I had many papers saved to disk and I was able to recreate it. The portfolio itself was important when I went on job interviews, but equally important was mastering the task of gathering up the information necessary to present myself in the best light."

Amy Meadows

"The Westminster English Program has proven very valuable to me in my post-graduate life. It has helped me succeed as a freelance writer by providing a solid foundation in grammar, style and creativity. The members of the department are not just teachers; they are also my friends. Since graduating in 1997, I have contacted my former professors dozens of times for advice and assistance. They have always been available to talk, and their advice has proven to be invaluable. Their accessibility and generosity is something I appreciate greatly, and I know that I can always count on them when I need them. It's this kind of personal attention that makes the Westminster English Department so unique. I would not be as successful as I am today without them."

Valentine J. Brkich

"There is nothing like getting paid for the job of your dreams, but I do, and it's amazing. As the owner of Leg Up! Education Consulting, I help students in grades 9-12 figure out their dreams, and get to wake up every morning excited about my work. As an English major at Westminster College, I have used my degree to get every job I have ever held. From freelance writer, to Director of a counseling program at a huge high school, no employer has ever told me, "Well, I'm sorry, I just don't think we're looking for someone with your writing and communications skills today". In fact, the English major provided me with the versatility to do so many things, I always felt like the possibilities were endless. From continuing my work as a freelance writer in local publications to helping other students build their futures, I could not imagine being where I am today without the English major from Westminster College."

Aimee R. Victoria, M. Ed.

"My English major has been a valuable tool since the day I graduated, even though I now work as a Biologist. I am certain that the Westminster English Department helped to foster my creative approach to solving research problems. In addition, my major in English helps me present research papers and talks in a clear and concise manner. My English major works as the perfect complement to balance my technical training."

Rebecca Harkin

My daily life now- which occurs in a whirlwind consisting of proofcorrections, cover design debates, comma usage, and deadlines--got its start during the English program at Westminster. I've have many fond memories of my time there, learning literature and writing and the ways they impact our lives. Westminster (well, the English department faculty specifically) helped me to keep an open mind about processing all the information that life throws at one, and I credit that gift with having made the money-earning portion of my life enjoyable thus far. I work right now as a senior editor at Tuttle Publishing, where my projects focus on Asian language-learning products and other general trade-oriented books. Through the years I've had many opportunities to pass along to others in the publishing industry."

Sandra Korinchak

"My English major at Westminster College exposed me to many types of writing- journalism, poetry, literature and public relations- not only in classes but also in student publications. I edited the Holcad while at the same time I wrote poems for Scrawl. The active internship program enabled me to build a professional clip file from the "North Hills News Record" and from "Pittsburgh Magazine." I was more than prepared to enter a master's program in journalism shortly after graduation. Over the years I have drawn on what I learned at Westminster for the various types of professional writing I have done, working as a newspaper and magazine journalist, a press secretary for Virginia political candidates plus a member of the House of Delegates, and a children's writer."

Jennifer Elvgren

"Because I took classes in subjects ranging from the Peloponnesian War to Apartheid in South Africa, Shakespeare to Toni Morrison, Socrates to Descartes, the liberal arts education I received at Westminster College grounded me in a world of ideas. I studied how the past impacts the present, how the individual influences the community, and how we affect each other. I learned to read critically and think critically and write like I had something worth saying. Logic was applauded; so was creativity. In fact, during my time at Westminster, I learned the value of imagination. Imagination is the force behind curiosity, prompting us to ask What is that? Why is that? What does it mean? But imagination is also the source of empathy. It's what creates the space for us to ask How would that feel? How can I connect?"

Diana Joseph