Charlene Klassen Endrizzi, Ph.D.

Professor of Education

Coordinator, Reading Specialist Graduate Program

Faculty Development Officer - elect

Westminster College
302 Old Main
New Wilmington, PA 16172
Reading Specialist Graduate Program Information
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                 • Early Childhood Education 203 – Diversity within Family-School-Community Partnerships
                 • Early Childhood Education 341 – Emergent Literacy
                 • Early Childhood Education 342 – Literacy in the Primary Classroom

                 • Reading 810 – Language and Literacy in the Preschool and Elementary School
                 • Reading 850 – Linking Assessment and Instruction
                 • Reading 860 – Leadership in the School Literacy Program
                 • Reading 890 – Trends in the Language Arts (Focus on Writing Workshop)
                 • Reading 980 – Practicum in Reading
                 • Reading 990 – Literacy Research and the Changing Role of the Reading Specialist


  • 1989-1993, Ph.D., Language, Reading and Culture/Multicultural Education, University of Arizona, Tucson.
    Dissertation Title: Teacher Education That Is Multicultural: Expanding Preservice Teachers' Orientation toward Learning through Multicultural Children's Literature.
  • 1982-1987, M.A., Reading, Fresno Pacific College, Fresno, California.
    Thesis Title: Literature Studies: A Community of Learners.
  • 1986, Reading Specialist - Credential, Fresno Pacific College, Fresno.
  • 1974-1978, B.A., Liberal Arts, Fresno Pacific College, Fresno

Areas of Teaching and Research Interests

  • Literacy
  • Family-School Partnerships
  • Literature Circles
  • Multicultural Education
  • Multicultural Children's Literature -

Professional Publications and Studies

  • Book
    Klassen Endrizzi, C. (June 2008). Becoming Teammates: Teachers and Families
               as Literacy Partners
    . Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English.
  • Journal Articles
    Klassen-Endrizzi, C. with K. Tarka. (Summer 2005). Honoring Parents’ Questions:
               Room 2A’s Family-Teacher Literacy Conversations. Ohio Journal of
               English Language Arts, 45(2), 51-59.
    Klassen-Endrizzi, C. (March 2004). We've Got to Talk: Redefining Our Work with
               Families. Language Arts, 81(4), 323-333.
    Klassen-Endrizzi, C. (September 2000). Exploring Our Literacy Beliefs with Families.
               Language Arts, 78(6), 61-68.
  • Research Studies
    1999-2003 Read to Succeed, $125,000. Pennsylvania Department of Education literacy grant.
                      Funded through Butler Area Schools,Connoquenessing Elementary, Butler, PA. Co-researchers
                      - Diana Duncan, Sherry Sabo, Mary K. Davis, Pat Fischer, Tamila Richmond.
                     • Designed and implemented Family Literacy Gatherings – 6-9 each year.
                     • Designed and implemented Professional Development workshops - 3 years.
                        Presenters included Drs. Jane Hansen and Yetta Goodman.
                     • Co-authored After School Program - 2 years. Coordinated 55 Westminster
                        College student teachers and junior block practicum students as teacher
                     • Conference presentations - Whole Language Umbrella, July 2001, Keystone
                        State Reading Association conference, October 2002 and October 2006,
                        National Council of Teachers of English, November 2003 & November 2005.
                     • Publication – Language Arts, March 2004.
    2004-2005 Watto Faculty Research Award, $2000. Westminster College Faculty Development
                     Committee award. Teacher writing group with 2 graduate students.
                     • Publication – National Council of Teachers of English, June 2008.
                     • Conference presentations – International Reading Association, May 2008,
                        National Council of Teachers of English, November 2008.
    2008          Wild About Words, Family literacy night. Funded by Title I Program, Wilmington Area
                    Schools, New Wilmington, PA. Spring semester 2008. Participants – Title I K-4th teachers,
                    Wilmington Area Schools and 33 Education 303 Preservice teachers.
                     • Preservice teacher researchers – Group of 6 education students analyzed
                       data, Fall 2008.
                     • Publication – It’s about time: Uncovering the value of students’ first
                       literacy partners. Manuscript submitted for review, Summer 2009.
    2008-2010 Family Literacy Journals. Teacher researcher project, Wilmington Elementary School.
                     Co-researcher – Pam Redfoot.
                     • Conference presentation – National Council of Teachers of English,
                        November 2009.

School-College Collaborations

  • 2007-2009 Family Literacy Nights. New Wilmington Elementary School, New Wilmington, PA. Farrell
                       Elementary School, Farrell, PA. February 2007, March 2008, February 2009. Collaborated
                       with Title I teachers. Included preservice teachers from Education 303 reading methods course.
  • 1996-pres. Elementary Block Practicum. In conjunction with undergraduate Elementary Education block
                       methods courses. Established elementary through middle school sites throughout Lawrence,
                       Mercer and Butler counties. Cadre of 80+ classroom teachers, including Westminster College
                       Graduate Reading Specialist students.
  • 1999-2003 Read to Succeed Practicum. In conjunction with Elementary Education block methods students
                      and graduate Reading Specialist graduate students. Teaching assistants at Connoquenessing Elementary,
                      Butler, PA. in After School Program and Summer School Program. Cadre of 9 Connoquenessing elementary


  • 2012 Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts Conference, Columbus, OH. 
             March 2012.  Presentation:  From Strangers to Allies: Building Family-School Connections.
             Co- presenters:  Shanay Phillian and Jessie Szakacs, student teachers. Powerpoint presentation –OCTELA 2012  Octela 2012 handouts
  • 2011 National Council of Teachers of English, Chicago.  November 2011.  Chaired
             Roundtable session: Seeking Reciprocity in Family-School Partnerships.  CELT Co-sponsored session. 
             Co-presenters:  Jane Baskwill, Deborah Jensen, Lori Norton-Meier, Jenny Tuten, Elisa Waingort. 
  • 2010 International Reading Association, Chicago.  April 2010. Invited Panel session:
             Transforming Parents’ Perspective on Literacy Instruction.  CELT Co-sponsored session.  Co-presenters: Prisca Martens, Elisa Waingort Jimenez.
  • 2009 National Council of Teachers of English, Philadelphia, PA. November 2009.
             Roundtable - Family Literacy Journals: Conversations that Connect Home and
             School Reading Lives
    . Co-presenter – Pam Redfoot.
  • 2008 National Council of Teachers of English, San Antonio, TX. November 2008.
             NCTE Author Strand. Session – Getting at the Real Questions: Inquiring with Students
             and Families
    . Co-presenter – Diane Parker.
  • 2008 International Reading Association, Atlanta. May 2008. Panel session: Engaging
             Families as Literacy Partners
    . Co-presenters – Deborah Jensen, Jenny Tuten, Laura
             Harper – Westminster College graduate student.
  • 2006 Keystone State Reading Association, Seven Springs, PA. October 2006. Session:
             Find the Missing Piece: Welcoming Families into Our Classrooms. Co-presenter –
             Laura Harper – Westminster College graduate student.
  • 2005 National Council of Teachers of English, Pittsburgh, PA. November 2005. Chair of panel
             session: No Family Left Behind: Promoting Advocacy Through Literacy Conversations.
  • 2004 Keystone State Reading Association, Seven Springs, PA. October 2004. Session:
             Talking About Science: Understanding Our World Through Literature Circles.
             Co-presenter - George Endrizzi, Westminster College graduate student.
  • 2003 National Council of Teachers of English, San Francisco. November 2003. Panel session:
             Family-Teacher Literacy Conversations: Unifying Home and School Learning Communities.
  • 2002 Keystone State Reading Association, Seven Springs, PA. October 2002. Session:
             Family Literacy Gatherings: Building Bridges that Unite Home and School Learning
    . Co-presenter - Diana Duncan, Westminster College graduate student.
  • 2001 Whole Language Umbrella, Chicago. July 2001. Session: Building Home-School
             Partnerships. Co-presenters - Diana Duncan – Westminster College graduate student,
             Sherry Sabo, & Mary K. Davis.

Professional Service

  • 2007-present World of Words, Board of Advisors, Reviewer for WOW Stories: Connections from the classroom - online
    journal. University of Arizona, College of Education. An international collection of children’s and adolescent literature.
  • 2008-2009 Pennsylvania Department of Education. Revised current literacy courses to align with new state and national
    Early Childhood Education standards, developed new courses on Family-School-Community Partnerships and Early Literacy.
  • 2004-2005 Invited reviewer of program proposals for the International Reading Association’s
    50th and 51st national conventions, July 2004, July 2005. 30+ proposals each year.