Faculty-Student Research Project

Engaged classroom teachers explore questions that arise from their interactions with children.  Education faculty members offer essential demonstrations of teachers researching key issues through faculty-student research projects.  Each year Early Childhood Education and Special Education preservice teachers are invited by faculty members to join various on-going or new faculty collaborative research projects.

The Kindle Project II

Presented at Pennsylvania Council for Exceptional Children (PACEC) Convention and
Undergraduate Research and Arts Celebration (URAC) Funded by: Westminster’s Drinko Center for Experiential Learning
Preservice Teachers: Leah Ritter, Brittany Pollack, Jess Sterns, Hope Schrott, Caitlyn Fleckenstein, Leisel Martig, Julia Trombetta
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Amy Camardese and Dr. Eileen Morelli

Normative Beliefs About Cyberbullying in U.S. and Israeli Youth: A Preliminary Study

Presented at Western Galilee College in Akko, Israel
Students: Alissa Johnston (not shown below), Danielle Dietz (not shown below) and Lauren DiLullo
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Mandy Medvin, Dr. Linda Domanski, Yehuda Peled and Efrat Piertese

Making Connections: From the Early Brain to Families

Presented at Midwestern Early Childhood Institute 2013- Grove City College- February 2013
Preservice Teachers: Elizabeth Frambes and Megan Donaldson
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alison DuBois

Global Children’s Literature: Avoiding the Pot Holes along the Yellow Brick Road

Presented at Mid-Western Early Childhood Institute-Grove City College- February 2013
Preservice Teachers: Danielle Aurandt and Allison Borts
Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Tina Keller

Bridges to Reading: Making Connections Between Home and School

Presented at Undergraduate Research and Arts Celebration (URAC)
In Collaboration with Campbell Elementary Kindergarten Teachers, Campbell, Ohio
Preservice Teachers: Jessica Cromer, Caitlin Fleckenstein, and Morgan McNeal Faculty Advisor: Dr. Charlene Klassen Endrizzi

Technology in Early Childhood Education

Presented at Research and Arts Celebration April 25, 2013
Funded by: Drinko Center for Experiential Learning
Preservice Teachers: Kathryn L. Becherer, Katherine R. Foster, and Morgan E. Pierce
Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Diana Reed