Departmental Awards, Honors, and Scholarships

Ron Bergy Accounting Scholarship

This is awarded to an outstanding accounting major who has completed at least 16 semester hours in accounting and intends to enter the accounting profession. Ron Bergy was Professor of Accounting at Westminster from 1962 until 2004.

Ann M. Kendlehart Scholarship

This is awarded for academic achievement and potential in students majoring in accounting, business, or economics.

Students must apply at the beginning of the spring semester.

Robert E. and Jane S. Lauterbach Academic Scholarship

This achievement-based grant is awarded to the outstanding junior majoring in the Economics and Business Department. This grant is not necessarily based on financial need. Robert E. Lauterbach was CEO of Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation (now WSX Corporation) and President of the Board of Directors of Westminster College.

The Ronald B. and Emily P. Mackall Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes outstanding upper-class majors in the department who also participate in the campus fine arts opportunities. Ms. Mackall, a trustee as well as a graduate (Economics), served as professor and chair of the Department of Economics at Youngstown State (now Emeritus).

Bill Rankin Award

This scholarship recognizes a deserving, rising senior student who aspires to a career in human resources.

Samuel H. Sloan Memorial Scholarship

This recognition and scholarship is awarded to an outstanding junior majoring in the Department of Economics and Business. Mr. Sloan served Westminster College as Chair of the Department of Economics and Business during the 1960s. The Sam Sloan Scholarship was established in his memory.

David W. Edward Business Plan Scholarship

Awarded to one or more winners of a business plan competition held during spring semester.

Economics & Business Outstanding Senior

This recognition is awarded to the graduating senior who best exemplifies outstanding academic achievement and initiative.

Accounting Outstanding Senior - PICPA Award

This recognition is awarded to the outstanding senior majoring in accounting. The award is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) and was established at Westminster in 1978. The PICPA is the professional society for public accountants certified to practice in Pennsylvania.

Armstrong Spirit of Competition

Awarded to one or more winners demonstrating and contributing to the spirit of competition.

Armstrong Marketing Award

This recognition is awarded to the student with acheivement in the area of marketing.

Learning Center Volunteers

Students are recognized for valuable campus community service and support.

Economics and Business Department Office Assistants

Students are appreciated for their exemplary effort and contribution to the department.