Travel Grants

Definition of Grants

Travel and presentation expenses may be funded through Travel/Presentation Grants. Projects must be conducted under the mentorship of Westminster College faculty. Performances and/or presentations at professional conferences of student work in visual and performing arts disciplines qualify for consideration under this program. Award recipients are required to participate in the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the year of their grant.

Choice of Funding Streams

The Drinko Center offers two funding streams:

   Stream A:  Students may apply for one Travel Grant and one Research Grant in the amount of up to $120 each per                             academic year.

   Stream B:  Students may apply for one Travel Grant or one Research Grant in the amount of up to $180 per academic year.


In order to apply for travel/presentation support, the student must have research or creative activity accepted for presentation at a conference. The student must be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at Westminster College at the time of the conference and be in good academic standing. The student must make a presentation or performance at the conference. Group Presentations: Attendance at a conference by two or more students to make a single presentation of research or performance will be treated as one application. A travel award will be divided equally among group members participating in the presentation or performance.


The maximum allocation for any Travel/Presentation Award is $120/$180 (refer to "Choice of Funding Streams" above). The award may fund conference registration, transportation, lodging and food expenses. Grant recipients are required to review allowable expenses with the Director of the Drinko Center at the time of application. For reimbursement of allowable expenses, original itemized receipts must be submitted. Students are NOT awarded cash advances.

Deadlines and Dates

Applications will be reviewed and acted upon as they are submitted. Guidelines for processing payments against the award will be included in the award notification letter. Students must apply and be approved before traveling.

Procedure for Applying for Funds

1. Obtain form “Travel/Presentation Grant Application” from the Drinko center folder on the P Drive or from the Apply link on this page.
2. Complete the form, sign, and attach the following to the request.

a. One-page abstract describing the research or performance
b. List of individuals who will be giving the presentation/performance at the conference
c. A copy of the acceptance letter from the conference organization
d. Completed signature page

3. Obtain approval, as designated by signature on “Travel/Presentation Grant Application Signature Page” and Grant Application, of the Faculty Mentor/Advisor and the Department Chair.
4. Submit the four (4) items named in #2 above and the “Travel/Presentation Grant Application” form to:

Doreen Matune
Drinko Center for Experiential Learning
Patterson Hall Room 315
voice: 724-946-6096
fax: 724-946-6344

5. E-mail title and abstract to


Dr. Patrick Krantz, Director
Drinko Center for Experiential Learning
Patterson Hall 315
voice: 724-946-6097
fax: 724-946-6344