Undergraduate Research

The Drinko Center's Undergraduate Research component seeks to promote and provide students with a variety of research, scholarly, and creative opportunities in all academic disciplines.

NCUR 2013 Presenters:  Ryan Avril, Layne Carpenter, Robert Craven, Benjamin Goodreau, Stephanie Lehman, Chelsea Loub, Ryan Nicklas, Melanie Perello, Megan Power, Brittany Tombaugh and Stephanie Valasek.   Faculty members accompanying these students included Patrick Krantz andTim Cuff.

Paid Internships through ORISE

ORISE administers many programs that provide paid educational and research experiences and has eligibility requirements that vary from program to program. Students or faculty will need to go to the following link(s) and select the program that interests them. Each program's web page has instructions on eligibility requirements, application submission, and a link to the online application or a printable application. All ORISE programs require applicants to submit the appropriate application and supporting documentation. The program's web page also provides the name and e‑mail address of a program specialist who can help answer any questions that students may have concerning eligibility requirements or submitting an application for a particular program. When e‑mailing questions to the program specialist the program name should be included in the e‑mail. When students choose a program that interests them, they will need to CAREFULLY read the eligibility requirements. Many of the programs administered by ORISE are open only to U.S. citizens or permanent resident aliens.

  • http://www.orau.gov/hereatornl ‑ This web page is for the Higher Education Research Experiences at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (HERE). The program has an online application. Deadlines are stated but they are flexible for the HERE program. There are multiple academic levels in the HERE program, i.e., entering freshman, undergraduate, post‑BS, a graduate student or a faculty member.
  • http://www.scied.science.doe.gov ‑ The students will find information about the Department of Energy's Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) as well as an electronic application which can complete online. The SULI program is for undergraduates and graduating seniors. At this site students can also find applications for the Community College Institute (CCI) and the Pre‑Service Teacher (PST) programs.
  • http://www.ornl.gov/sci/nuclear_science_technology/nstip/nesls.htm ‑ The Nuclear Engineering Student Laboratory Synthesis (NESLS) program is a cooperative research initiative geared toward students working in physics and nuclear engineering applications. Through one‑ to three‑year summer internships, NESLS offers engineering student on‑the‑job educational and research opportunities at a multidisciplinary national laboratory.
  • http://see.orau.org ‑ This link is the gateway to many of the education and research experiences offered through ORISE. The web page has links for faculty, recent graduates, graduates, and undergraduate students.


Research Professions Advisory Committee (ResPAC) - click to visit ResPac

Serving Students in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math and Computer Science who have an Interest in Scientific Research


The Drinko Center offers two funding streams. Students are eligible to receive either a Stream A or a Stream B award per year.

Stream A: Students may apply for one Travel Grant and one Research Grant, each in the amount up to $120 per academic year.

Stream B:  Students may apply for one Travel Grant or one Research Grant in the amount up to $180 per academic year.

Please refer to Research Grant Application Guidelines and Travel/Presentation Grant Application Guidelines for grant eligibility. 


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