Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival

Each year, Westminster students have to opportunity to attend the Kenendy Center American College Theatre Festival for Region II where attend workshops, perform in short plays and the Regional Finge Festival, attend performances of some of the best college theater in our five-state region, and network with theatre students and professionals.

Fight Choreography for The Count of Monte Cristo

In the Fall of 2005, fight choreographer Shaun J. Rolly came to Westminster to stage the intricate sword fights that helped to create the dynamic world of the play.  Students of the Boadcast Communications program produced this video which aired on Westminster's weekly news program, The County Line.

The Baker From Madrigal, costumes by Dr. Sandra Webster

Dr. Sandra Webster, then chair of the Westminster College Department of Psychology, is a woman with many talents.  An accomplished seamstress and internationally recognized researcher, she combined here talents to create beautiful renaissance costumes for our world premier production of The Baker From Madirgal, an adaptation of Jose Zorilla's Traidor, incofeso y mártir, which was translated and adapted by Westminster Assistant Professor of Spanish, Dr. Jeffrey Bersett.