Program and Opportunities

Students learn to apply their knowledge to real world situations, including communication in interpersonal and group settings, public speaking, organizations, and mass media.  The opportunity for innovative internships and field studies adds to the outstanding features of these programs.

The challenges students encounter in the communicaion studies major pay off and graduates prove this claim to success. Alumni have established themselves in important careers and postions of leadership. Many have gone into business and wor for such firms as Mellon Bank and the Ford Motor Company.

Communication Studies Programs


Communication Studies Major
Required Courses:
COM201 - Interpersonal Communication (4 hrs)
COM202 - Small Group Communication (4 hrs)
COM205 - Mass Communication (4 hrs)
COM560 - Internship (4 hrs)
COM 601 and 602 - Capstone ( 2 hrs each)

Majors must also complete 16 semester hours of COM electives.

Majors must also complete a minor in another field to fulfill requirements.

Communication Studies Minor
Minors in communication studies are required to take any six (6) communication (COM) courses.

Only four (4) semester hours may be an internship




Communication Studies major
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Communication Studies courses
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