BC Capstone Webblogs

The 2010 BC Capstone Class

Welcome! The Broadcast Communications Capstone Weblogs offer seniors in the major opportunities at self-reflection and growth as upcoming graduates from a liberal arts college with a bachelor's degree.

Capstone blogging requires each student to take stock of their strengths and weaknesses while challenging them to polish their skills as producers of a short-format documentary.

Students research, plan, shoot, write and edit the documentary for an campus showcase.  This year's showcase takes place Tuesday, Nov. 16. Seven students will premiere documentaries beginning at 5:30 p.m. in the Mueller Theater with a scheduled 30 minute intermission with refreshments.

What's in the blogs?

Each week members of BC 601/602 update their weblogs to address various topics and discussions regarding individual projects in production.

Students will also recruit visitors to the BC Capstone blogs.


Course Outcomes

  • Research, assess and re-evaluate short and long term individual career goals while assessing and developing individual strategies for employment.
  • Reflect on and assess the liberal arts experience as well as the broadcast communications curriculum.
  • Continue exploring and participating in the mission of broadcast production teams and audience research concepts and practices presented throughout the BC curriculum. Students will reflect and take active roles in group projects meeting deadlines and approaching projects as mature professionals.
  • Research, update and develop resumes and audition/resume tape(s) or e-portfolio.
  • Research, create, and produce a senior presentation for an audience of peers, faculty and staff and invited professionals.
  • Research & explore BC topics and industry issues.


Capstone Webblogs date back to 2006

Steve Brink
Elizabeth Farry
Kirstan Gides
Amy Lavallee
Aidan Mewha
Stevi Nelson
Leanne Veres
Mike Wolenski
D.J. Yokley
Instructor's Blog - Brad Weaver

Capstone Webblogs for 2005-06

Amanda Hauger
Brian Campbell
Melissa DePaul
Justin Egley
Luke Garrett
Jason Mackey
Shannon McClain
Amy Sasfai
Alana Schuring
Jolene Slattery
Heather Storm
Chris Zinkham

Capstone Webblogs for 2004-05

Ian Durham
Sebastian Driver-Salazar
Tandi Lane
Laura Krutschnitt
Megan Marshall
Ashley Roberts
Patrick Sandora
Sarah Ubry
Amy Dalbon
Julie Stolze