Fractured Grape Winery: Success in a Dry Town

Friday, November 15, 2013

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. (Taylor Heinrich)- With the emergence of the Fractured Grape Winery in down town New Wilmington you may have heard some questions being raised. This would be because New Wilmington is a dry town, and of course, wine contains alcohol. This would bring into question the legality of the winery or what kind of loophole would allow for a winery to be in the town. 
Upon a visit to the Fractured Grape Taylor Craig, who runs the winery during the day, was able to fill us in on how they are able to make and serve wine within the dry town of New Wilmington.
Craig states, "With New Wilmington being a dry town, everyone thinks that we've found some big loophole, but really how the laws were written in New Wilmington, a winery is fine to have. The laws are written so that the town prohibits the sale of malt beverages and distilled spirits, wine is neither of those."
The process of becoming the only place to serve alcohol in town was surprisingly easy and people are getting excited said Craig, as he noted that New Wilmington is a historically conservative town. Craig, who himself is a Westminster College alum, would go on to say that this was one of the reasons they liked and wanted to be in New Wilmington. 
So if you want to see what all the excitement is about and buy a legal drink (assuming you're of age) head down to the Fractured Grape Winery in down town New Wilmington.