5 WC spots you'll never set foot on as an undergrad

Saturday, November 16, 2013

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. (Stephen Bending) - For many of us that attend classes, work and live on campus at Westminster, it's easy to get bored of the sights and sound. Yes, even sight like the bell tower and its iconic profile become mundane after you've walked by them every day for three years. But is that it? Should we be content with the monotonous and settle for our average sights? No! Beneath the everyday blur that is the Westminster grind, there is an assortment of things to be discovered and explored.

There are places on this campus that some have never heard of, some have never seen and there are five of them, which you have never set foot on.

5. Track and Field Practice Area

Number five on our list is the practice and home field for one of the campus's less appreciated sports themes. And the field is rather hard to find if you don't know where to look. Granted, there are those on campus who have set foot here (obviously they would have to or it would just be Track not Track & Field) but there are those who have never ventured past the dumpsters to see just what goes on with this sports team.

4. Titan Traverse Ropes Course

If you participate in a sport on campus, you've probably been here before. Otherwise this well hidden and soon to be gone gem may have eluded you. Located above Hillside and behind the President's home sits Titan Traverse's Ropes course. This area has been used for facilitations through the organization for many years now. Sadly, if you haven't been here before you may have missed your chance as Titan Traverse shuts down after the end of this year.
3. Beeghly Theatre Catwalk

Unless you're a theatre major, it may have slipped past you that this elaborate setup hangs above your head every time you see a show in Beeghly Theatre. "It's almost like a different world up there", remarked Josh Scott a current junior and Theatre Major here at Westminster. "You go up that ladder and the back of the stage and then its like you're in this big room that isn't supposed to be there." The catwalk itself is used for different projects and for adjusting lighting for shows.

2. Warehouse behind Phi Tau

If you've ever ventured past Phi Tau, then you've probably seen this run down warehouse sitting just behind it. Most of the windows are cracked on it and vines grow up the one of the sides. It's an eerie sigh to look at. Technically this building is not on campus, but its close enough that we've decided to include this eyesore on the list.

1. Senior Terrace

And finally we reach number one on our list of places at Westminster that you've never set foot on. While all the others you may never have seen or you knew bout but never ventured on to, this is a location that no right minded Westminster student is about to step on. If you're unfamiliar with the superstition, it says that if you walk across Senior Terrace before your graduation then you will not graduate from Westminster in four years. I don't know about you, but the money it would cost me to stay an extra semester alone will keep me from ever setting foot here before my time.


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