Empty display case poses question: Where is WC's Egyptian mummy?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.-- The second-floor glass case where a 2,000 year old Egyptian mummy is housed in the Hoyt Science Resourses Center is empty.  So where is the mummy?

The mummy

Westminster curator of cultural artifacts, Dr. Samuel Famerie, tells us the mummy isn't missing.  She's just on vacation in Canada.

Westminster loaned the mummy to the Manitoba Museum in Winnipeg for a special road trip exhibition.  She arrived in Canada in October and is the focus of a special presentation called 'WRAPPED: The Mummy of Pesed'. 

It's the first time in nearly a half a century that a real mummy will be on display in Winnipeg. This exhibit showcases Pesed and her coffin, and includes over 60 ancient Egyptian antiquities, CT scans and forensic facial reconstructions of Egyptian mummies. It tells the story of the Western fascination with mummies over the last 400 years. You can check out the CT scans and other unique views of the Westminster mummy via a special online tour

Even Canadian television has a fascination with Westminster's mummy.  This fall she appeared on a live morning news program on Winnepeg's City TV (video courtesy City TV).

Pesed has been a part of the Westminster family since 1885, when she was donated by Rev. John Giffen, an 1872 alum.

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The case for Westminster's Egyptian mummy at Hoyt is empty. That's because the mummy has traveled to Canada.


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CT scans and other unique views of the Westminster mummy via a special online tour.