Community garden takes root at Westminster's Field Station

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa (Lance Conrad)-- Being a part of Westminster is 1969 and served as Chair of the biology department for twenty three years.  After retiring in 2003 Clarence Harms is currently serves as the Director at the Westminster Field Station.  One of the new attractions that is currently expanding at the field station is the community garden.  You can see what items were growing at the garden below.              

The community garden is not only for the students and faculty of Westminster, but the rest of the community as well.  The objective is for people to claim a spot of fenced in land in order to grow something either for their own purposes or to sell at the local farmers market.  You can find just about anything from flowers to blue pumpkins growing throughout the garden.   

Listen to reporter Lance Conrad talk with Field Station Director Clarence Harms.

With only around a dozen people currently claiming land for their own enjoyment, Clarence hopes with the new land hopefully more people will participate with the garden.  The new part of the garden the field station is opening up is a memorial.  Margret "Meg" Rankin, a former graduate to Westminster in 1986, died in 2010 after battling cancer for over ten years.  With part of the financing of the community garden coming from her estate, the garden has been renamed the Meg Rankin Community and College Garden. 

Decorating the garden

With the field station starting out as a simple farm in the early 1980's, the future looks bright for the growth of the community garden.  The main purpose of the garden is for adults as well as children to have a place for relaxation and learn the basics of gardening.  The hopes are for more people around the community to get more involved with the community garden. 

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The Field Station

The Field Station is home to a local community garden