Surviving the campus zombie apocolypse

Saturday, October 19, 2013

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.-- Zombies roaming from the south side of the Quad.  Zombies outside of Hoyt.  Zombies on the outskirts of the Field House.  But the humans would not succumb quietyly as they battled back against the undead in this semester's version of Human vs. Zombies (HvZ).

HvZ is run by Phi Kappa Tau and runs for one week. Organizers say it started on midnight Sunday night and ran to Friday night. Money raised ($5 to sign up, $2 dollars if you become a zombie) goes to Phi Tau's philanthropy Serious Fun Camps.
Humans vs. Zombies

Humans are allowed to carry any assortment of Nerf or melee weapons to defend themselves against the zombie army. Humans wear orange bands and zombie wear green. Humans may stun zombie for 10 minutes by shooting or hitting them. During that time a zombie may not tag another human. Visa versa if a zombie tags a human, that human dies in one hour until they get their orange band and become a zombie.

Each night of the week a new event is held to pit every human against every zombie and the winners if each event get to either infect or save a set number if people. As far as tags go, zombies cannot infect someone in academic buildings, bathrooms or in a humans personal room. Everywhere else is fair game.

Word is the zombies outnumbered the humans when the game ended on Friday.  However, we have word two humans survived.  Perhaps they will repopulate campus and plot revenge against the zombies?

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