Shenango on the Green Stories: Don Gold's life in the circus

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. (Produced by Mike Blair)-- Don Gold has a magical story to share.  Long before he came to live at Shenango on the Green, he traveled the country with the circus.  Growing up, young children always used to be fascinated with the circus. As years past, the circus has has changed and now competes in a world dominated by videogames and technology.  In his life as a young adult, Don Gold lived, traveled and performed under the big top. He shares his story about the time he spent in the circus.  This interview gives us a glimpse into time when the circus coming to town would capture everyone's imagination.

Don Gold's story is one of several produced this year as part of this special cluster project at Westminster CollegeYou can click here to access more from our Shenango on the Green Story videopodcast series.

The Cluster Project: A Localized Twist on NPR's StoryCorps Project Honoring the Stories of the Everyday Person- An experience into non-fiction storytelling from the Digital Moviemaking/Digital Photography Cluster.

StoryCorps is an American non-profit organization whose mission is to record, preserve, and share the stories of everyday Americans from all backgrounds and beliefs.

Students enrolled in the spring semester of BC 112/MA 106 Cluster (Digital Moviemaking/Digital Photography) embraced the oral history STORYCORPS project with their own twist to celebrate members of the local community.

Students have created video podcasts (vodcasts) sharing and preserving the oral stories of local ordinary people. Many of the participants are residents at Shenango Presbyterian Senior Care facility in New Wilmington.

They graciously shared highly personal accounts through personal interview that we feature in a STORYCORPS format. Our version merges the audio format from National Public Radio with digital still images. This effort extended this experience into service learning by engaging in real world fieldwork and interactions, self-efficacy while also requiring our students to spend time with individuals who are different from themselves.

Students sharing their projects include Kait Roth, Brandon Mosley, Ashley Moon, Marissa Cozza, Kelly Klaas, Harrison Greene, Amanda Sloan, Tiffany Jackson, Emily Lindsey, Rebecca Anderson, Sarah Arena, Michael Blair, Gino Colella, Shawn Kronenwetter and Mitchell Murdock. Instructors: MA 110- Andy Schwanbeck & BC 112- Brad Weaver.


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Today Don Gold lives at Shenango on the Green in New Wilmington.


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