Student Journalists Explore the Tensions Between the Fourth and Fifth Estates

Monday, April 14, 2014

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.-- The staff at Titan Radio News and WCN 24/7 tackle the topic of hackers turned activitists as in the case of Anonymous and Wikileaks.  The online movement to serve as watchdogs on companies, government agencies and individuals by posting information, documents, secrets and activities has claimed the title of the Fifth Estate.  However, is it usurping the role of a free press, the Fourth Estate?

Journalism in a free society has served as the public watchdog, but Fifth Estate activists claim reporters are now the puppets of corporations that lobby and influence the government.

Titan Radio & WCN 24/7 present a special podcast featuring our staffers in a in-depth discussion as they unpack these issues and discuss the merits and pitfalls facing the Fifth Estate and the tensions it's created with the Fourth. 



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