Canadian consulate setting up shop in western Pennsylvania

Monday, March 3, 2014

PITTSBURGH (AP) - The Canadian consulate plans to set up shop in western Pennsylvania next month to further promote economic and cultural ties between that country and the Commonwealth.

The Consulate General of Canada has offices in New York City which cover Pennsylvania and four other states, but they'll set up shop in Pittsburgh from April 7 to 11 in a visit that will focus on trade, energy, security and investment issues between Canada and western Pennsylvania in particular.

The temporary office will be called "Pop-up Canada" and set up shop somewhere downtown.

Consul General John Prato says "the Canada-Pennsylvania relationship is thriving" with almost 22,000 state residents employed by Canadian-owned companies. Meanwhile, officials say Pittsburgh has become a popular travel spot for Canadians interested in golf, shopping and - of course - hockey.

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