No rink fees to play on Brittain Lake

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.-- The advantage of a long, cold winter means Brittain Lake at Westminster remains frozen over.  The ice makes a perfect location for enterprising hockey players.

Westminster students have taken advantage of the situation.  Once they clear away snow with a shovel they can design their own hockey rink free of any fees.  Add a milk crate as a goal and you are ready to begin.

No Rink Fees!

Campus officials say the solid ice surface on Brittain Lake continues to be okay for skaters in spite of last week's warm up.  They warn that when the temperature hits about 50 degrees and the sun shines on it, the ice will weaken.

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Quick facts about Brittain Lake:  It's shallow.  At it's deepest point it's only 11-feet on the southern half.  The northern half of the lake has an average depth of three feet, increasing to about six feet in the middle of the lake. 

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