Birth mom jailed in Mercer County same-sex custody dispute

Friday, January 10, 2014

MERCER, Pa. (AP) - A woman has been jailed for contempt of court in Mercer County for moving to Ohio with her 12-year-old birth daughter in violation of a judge's order in a bitter same-sex custody dispute.

Jeannette Rowan, who last lived in Oxford, Ohio, was jailed Wednesday by a Mercer County judge.

The judge had earlier barred Rowan from leaving Pennsylvania with the daughter Rowan birthed in 2001 when she and Lisa Lewis, of Sharon, were still partners.

A year after the women broke up in 2006, Rowan tried to stop Lewis from visiting the girl and, later, a judge denied Rowan's request to move to Ohio with the girl. Lewis sued and was granted physical custody in December 2012.

Rowan had moved to Ohio with the girl in the meantime, but was tracked down last month.
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