There is no definitive path to the MLB: ONE SWING AWAY FROM THE BIG LEAGUES (VIDEO)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.-- Major League Baseball is a dream for so many young ball players, but only the best get the chance to play.  Each MLB team maintains a roster of about 40 players, but thousands and thousands aspire to play in the big leagues.

Rochester Red Wings

For every player on the field for an American or National League game in any given season, there are dozens waiting in the wings on minor league teams. 

WCN sports jounalist and producer Frank Maira traveled from upstate New York to Pittsburgh to share the stories of three members of the Rochester Red Wings holding on to that dream of being called up to the big show one day.  His documentary "One Swing Away From the Big Leagues" introduces us to Jeff Clement, Chris Colabello, Kyle Gibson & Garrett Jones.  Jones played around int he MLB starting with Minnesota and in 2013 played for h Pirates and is now with the Florida Marlins with a two-year $7.5 million contract.

The Rochester Red Wings, a Triple-A baseball team based in Rochester, New York,  plays in the International League and is the top minor league affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.


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Garrett Jones moved from the Pirates to the Marlins who he is under contract to for the next two years for $7.5 million. Image source: MLB


Garrett Jones from when he played with the Rochester Red Wings (image source: Rochester Red Wings)



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Garrett Jones at bat for the Pirates at PNC Park in Sept. 2013.