PennDOT testing beet juice on local icy roads

Friday, January 3, 2014

BUTLER, Pa. (AP) - If you drive the roads in Butler County this winter, those roads may be treated with beat juice.  The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is experimenting with beet juice as a way to treat icy roads in especially cold weather.

PennDOT officials say that chemicals in the juice are supposed to help road salt melt ice at lower temperatures. Typically, salt loses much of its effectiveness below 20 degrees, but when mixed with beet juice, the salt reportedly melts ice down to zero or even below-zero temperatures.

PennDOT experimented with beet juice a few years ago but officials say a new and improved version is being tested as part of a pilot program in Butler County.

The new beet juice has more sugar in it, which is supposed to improve its performance.

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