Fired mailroom supervisor accused of stealing mail

Friday, January 3, 2014

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. - New Wilmington police say an ex-campus mailroom worker will go to court for a preliminary hearing on Feb. 11 in New Castle for stealing letters and other mail meant for students and employees at Westminster College.

NWPD issued a news release this week after a three-year investigation.  They say 59-year old Debra Sue White of Hubbard, OH, faces charges of theft and receiving stolen property from March 1, 2010 to May 6, 2011.  White, a former mailroom supervisor is accused of stealing 55 pieces of mail. 
Westminster College fired White on May 16, 2011, after she became the prime suspect in the investigation.  Police say she was interviewed in Sept. 2010 with her lawyer present.  They say she admitted to the thefts during that interview.
Police accused her of taking mail she felt had a high probability of containing cash, gift cards or event lottery tickets.  The thefts involve 40 victims with an estimated loss of $1,695. 

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