Student Awards

Top of Titans:  Awarded in Spring of 2014

Haley Gabor

Who's Who:   
Awarded in Spring of 2014

  • Katherine Francios
  • Lance Jubic
  • Sarah Monts
  • Tyler Umstead

DeWitt Scholarship Award

Established in 1993 by family, friends, and colleagues in honor of Dr. H. Dewey DeWitt who taught at Westminster from 1956 until his retirement in 1993 , and served as department chair until 1983. The recipient, selected by the Faculty of the Department of Chemistry, is a junior or senior chemistry major who has performed well in chemistry. Financial need is not necessarily a consideration.

2013-2014 Recipient: Lance Jubic
2012-2013 Recipient:  Julie Rice
2011-2012 Recipient:  Sarah Welsh
2010-2011 Recipient:  Christopher Bodle
2009-2010 Recipient:  Nicholas Mizenko
2008-2009 Recipient:  Christina Hamill
2007-2008 Recipient:  Jenny Steele

Louis Skurcenski Award

Established in 1999 in memory of Louis Skurcenski Jr., Class of 1964, this scholarship is given to a deserving chemistry major who exemplifies the qualities of honesty and integrity and dedication to personal relationships and community service.

2013-2014 Recipient: Taylor Elias
2012-2013 Recipient:  Katherine Farley
2011-2012 Recipient:  Katherine Farley
2010-2011 Recipient:  Brandon Kennedy
2009-2010 Recipient:  Keri Biedka
2008-2009 Recipient:  Tara Pregibon
2007-2008 Recipient:  Callie Croushoure

Ken Long Book Award

Established in 2002 to honor Professor Emeritus Ken Long for his 40 years of service to the chemistry department, this award is given annually to a graduating chemistry major.

2013-2014 Recipient:  Alison Rice
2012-2013 Recipient:  Zachary Smith
2011-2012 Recipient:  Emily Landis
2010-2011 Recipient:  Kimberly Worst
2009-2010 Recipient:  Andrew Brown
2008-2009 Recipient:  Amy Thomas
2007-2008 Recipient:  Amy Wirtz

Society of Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh Award

The Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh annually gives a $300 cash award to an outstanding senior chemistry major and a $200 grant to purchase a book for the library in the student's honor. This award is based on accomplishments in undergraduate chemistry, chemistry-related project, and a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

2013-2014 Recipient: Julie Rice
2012-2013 Recipient:  Ashley Blystone
2011-2012 Recipient:  Christopher Bodle
2010-2011 Recipient:  Monica Hall
2009-2010 Recipient:  Andrew Davic
2008-2009 Recipient:  Ryan Schafer
2007-2008 Recipient:  Valerie Kokai

Analytical Chemistry Award

The American Chemical Society's Division of Analytical Chemistry annually awards an 8-month subscription to the journal, Analytical Chemistry, to a rising senior chemistry major who shows skill in analytical chemistry and an aptitude for a career in the field.

2013-2014 Recipient:  Domenic DiSanti
2012-2013 Recipient:  Jaimie Daum
2011-2012 Recipient:  Brandon Kennedy
2010-2011 Recipient:  Emily Landis
2009-2010 Recipient:  Gavin Buckholtz
2008-2009 Recipient:  W. Michael Kochemba
2007-2008 Recipient:  Ryan Shafer

ACS Awards

Penn-Ohio Border Section of ACS

The Penn-Ohio Border Section of the American Chemical Society annually presents a cash award to an outstanding third-year chemistry major.

2013-2014 Recipient:  Lance Jubic
2012-2013 Recipient:  Jaimie Daum  
2011-2012 Recipient:  Ashley Blystone
2010-2011 Recipient:  Ryan Konik
2009-2010 Recipient:  Natasha Kassim
2008-2009 Recipient:  Andrew Brown
2007-2008 Recipient:  Amy Thomas

    Division of Organic Chemistry

2013-2014 Recipient:  Katherine Francios   

   Division of Inorganic Chemistry

2013-2014 Recipient:  A.J. Craig and Paul Dingfelder

Freeman Award

The Freeman award is given to the student with the highest average in Organic CHemistry I and II. This book award was established in 1987 and named for the late Charles C. Freeman who served Westminster from 1894 to 1944, first as a science professor and then as an administrator.

2013-2014 Recipient:  Brianna Landis
2012-2013 Recipient:  Lance Jubic
2011-2012 Recipient:  Jamie Daum
2010-2011 Recipient:  Casey Schmidt
2009-2010 Recipient:  Nathan Barefoot
2008-2009 Recipient:  Natasha Kassim
2007-2008 Recipient:  Mike Kochemba

CRC Award

The Chemical Rubber Company annually awards the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics to the first-year student having the highest average in chemistry courses.

2013-2014 Recipient:  Chris Caroff
2012-2013 Recipient:  Sarah Monts
2011-2012 Recipient:  Allison Rice
2010-2011 Recipient: Jamie Daum
2009-2010 Recipient: Casey Schmidt
2008-2009 Recipient: Ryan Konik
2007-2008 Recipient: Natasha Kassim