Alumni Perspectives

"I chose Westminster because it catered to all areas of my life. Not only are there plenty of sports to be involved in, tons of majors to choose from (or create!), but also the numerous clubs offered allow you to be involved in just about any interest you have."

Danica Scott '08

New Wilmington, PA

"When I visited Westminster, I went to vespers on Sunday night. The senior student's message was the parable of the sower. She spoke about the seeds being all the same, but the environment in which they were placed was what made the difference. It became clear that I had found the right environment for me."

Kelly Corbin '08

Bettendorf, IA

"I chose Westminster because it is a beautiful campus in a small town where everybody seems to know everybody. It makes you feel like you are a part of something. Westminster also allows you to make up your own major. This gives you the freedom to pick and choose what is best for you."

Katie Hilliard '08

Zelienople, PA

"Westminster has opened many doors for me. It has allowed me to complete research at the UPMC's Neurosurgical Research Department and the Medical Technologies lab at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute. These experiences, along with Westminster, have helped me to gain invaluable research experiences and confidence in myself."

Michele Fenske '06

Mayfield Village, OH

"I chose to attend Westminster College because they were willing to accept my goals for a double major, and were willing to work with me to help me achieve those goals."

Mike Mullin '08

Wexford, PA

"I chose Westminster College for basically two reasons. The first is because of the school's small size and that it was close enough to home, but far enough away. The other reason was for its academic reputation."

Michael S. Regal '10

Butler, PA

"I chose Westminster because of its friendly atmosphere. I just feel at home here. The moment I visited the campus I knew it was for me. With the low (12:1) student-to-faculty ratio and the friendly staff, I knew I could excel not only in the classroom, but in life."

Dawn Miller '09

Beaver Falls, PA

"I chose Westminster partly because of the incredibly personable and approachable administration and faculty. At Westminster, you're a name, and everybody knows your name. You may not talk to a certain person, but chances are that they know your name."

Colin Dean '07

Volant, PA

"Westminster is like your favorite hoodie (hooded sweatshirt), it has some stains and wear marks, but that just gives it character and more memories. It is a place that takes care of you with comfort and keeps you warm, and you wish more people had the chance to wear it or experience it."

Scott Davenport '07

Towanda, PA

"I chose Westminster College because of the student-to-faculty ratio and its strong education program that is nationally known. The small campus is friendly and it provides students with numerous options to get involved in the college and community!"

Rhiannon Mondale '08

Apollo, PA

"I chose Westminster because it just fit. From the academics, to the clubs, to the beautiful campus, and even the right distance from home, it was all perfect. I am so happy that I chose to come here, because I love it!"

Anastasia Vrahas '10

Pittsburgh, PA

"Before even deciding on Westminster, I was contacted personally by a student and asked to join an organization on campus. I felt extremely welcomed and 'wanted' by the school as an individual and not just a number who pays tuition."

Katie Chandley '07

Erie, PA

"Westminster has a unique and comfortable atmosphere. There are excellent professors, who sincerely want to know you and aid you along in the learning process. Plus, there is a never ending list of activities and groups to become involved in. It's an amazing place to grow and learn each day."

Bethany Olson '09

Erie, PA

"I chose Westminster because it was one of the only colleges that I could actually see myself attending. People are always outside playing sports and studying on our beautiful campus when the weather is nice. Once you visit, you will definitely want to come back for good!"

Lindsey Thomas '08

Butler, PA

"Westminster creates well-rounded individuals prepared for life after college by providing opportunities for all students to excel academically, athletically, socially, and spiritually."

Matthew Kerns '07

Kingston, PA

"I chose Westminster because it provided me with many opportunities to grow and become a leader."

Matthew Kerns '07

Kingston, PA

"Westminster is the ideal college because its challenging academics and friendly atmosphere create an environment where students are driven to succeed."

Matthew Kerns '07

Kingston, PA

"Westminster gave me the opportunity to participate in many different activities and grow as a leader."

Matthew Kerns '07

Kingston, PA

"I chose Westminster because of its academic excellence and friendly atmosphere."

Matthew Kerns '07

Kingston, PA

"What really attracted me to Westminster was the dedication that the professors show to the students. Professors go out of their way to make sure students excel."

Matthew Kerns '07

Kingston, PA

"Westminster's relationship with the community gives students the opportunity to become involved in the community as well as on campus."

Matthew Kerns '07

Kingston, PA

"I chose Westminster because of its friendly atmosphere. The professors are always there to help. It's nice to go to school where you can feel like you know a lot of people and you aren't lost in the crowd."

Pamela Ropelewski '07

Erie, PA

"When I first came to Westminster I was drawn in by its beautiful campus. It has an atmosphere of happiness and you could go up to anyone and they would greet you as if you had been friends for years. You can't find many schools with qualities like these."

Zach Marsh '09

Cheswick, PA

"I chose Westminster because of its strong reputation in both academics and extra-curricular activities. Small classrooms and intimate learning environments have pushed me to think and see learning in new and diverse ways."

Amanda Rose Lawton '07

Franklin, PA

"During my first days of class I realized that, here, people smile and say hello when they pass, even if they do not know one another. It is a great comfort to live and learn in such a wonderful, kind-hearted environment where the students and faculty know you by name."

Katie Teagarden '09

Waynesburg, PA

"I chose Westminster because I was captivated as soon as I came to campus. I was impressed with all of the faculty that I came in contact with, as well as the students. Westminster opened its arms to me as my home away from home with an excellent education program. I wouldn't change my decision of coming to Westminster for anything."

Allison Chlebowski '07

Bethel Park, PA

"Westminster's study abroad opportunities cater to curious students and provide education on an international level. Thanks to the Westminster at Oxford program, I learned more about the world and my place in it than I ever could have learned by taking notes at a desk."

Caitlin Pratt '07

New Brighton, PA

"You can feel a real sense of community as soon as you step onto campus, and I was right. Everyone is so supportive and it's pretty hard NOT to be involved in something here!"

Jaci Sabolsky '07

Albany, NY

"The Westminster at Oxford program is such a rare study abroad program. I traveled to six countries and had the time of my life. The faculty and students formed a tight bond. You won't find that sincere faculty involvement anywhere else."

Ashley Beaver '08

Johnstown, PA

"I chose Westminster because the broadcasting department is all about hands-on learning. There are so many opportunities to get involved, starting your first semester. You will be better prepared here than at almost any other college for your future job."

Jill Carle '08

Ashtabula, OH

"Since the first time that I walked onto the campus, I knew that I wanted to be a Westminster College student. Westminster College offers students a great, well-rounded education in a peaceful and academic environment."

Jessica Northrop '09

Pittsburgh, PA

"I chose Westminster for the hands-on experience and the personal attention students receive. At Westminster, I found that I'm more than just another student, and the professors here help you to reach your full potential."

DJ Yokley '07

East Palestine, OH

"I love the class size here at Westminster. I feel that you get more one-on-one opportunities with your professors and you have a better learning experience."

Heidi Ptacek '09

Allison Park, PA

"I chose Westminster because of the comfortable environment I experienced when I toured. I was impressed by the faculty I met during my visit and was encouraged to pursue my goals."

Jessica Limpert '07

Murrysville, PA

"Westminster provides an individualized education with small classes, dedicated professors who think of you as more than a number and make themselves available to all students, an advisor who you know AND who knows you by name, and extra-curricular activities for every interest with opportunities to be a leader."

Amanda Kraemer '07

North Canton, OH

"Westminster was welcoming, warm, and wonderful!"

Ada Jean Hoffman '74

New Wilmington, PA

"Westminster was a great four years that became the foundation for many more great years. Although the education was superb, it was the friendly journey that was the most rewarding. It was the combination of the Westminster education, the Westminster community, the Westminster location, and the Westminster friendships that defined the uniqueness that I will always remember with great pride."

Alex Joanow '82

Warwick, NY

"I chose Westminster because of the close-knit community that is developed in each major field. The faculty and students made me feel welcome. I knew I would be able to develop great relationships at Westminster from the moment I walked on campus."

Allison Henley '07

North East, PA

"Westminster was a wonderful place for college. The class size is small enough so the professors can give more one-on-one attention. I would not trade my time there for anything."

Allison Jakubec '98

North Jackson, OH

"Why Westminster? Because they cared about me before I enrolled, and continue to care about me as an alumnae. From my admissions experience to my alumni experience, I continue to feel the true care and concern Westminster has for its own."

Amanda Ries '04

Moon Township, PA

"Because the first time I stepped on campus in 1989 to visit Westminster it felt like home, and decades later whenever I go down the hill and see the campus above the trees, I feel like I have come home again."

Amanda Dillon '95

Medina, OH

"For me, Westminster was an opportunity to go away to college, but still feel at home. Everyone on campus helps you feel like a vital part of a big family. … Westminster was more than just college classes for me; it was a place to succeed and grow into the confident leader that has prepared me for the life I now live outside its friendly walls."

Amanda Corder '07

Massillon, OH

"I went to Westminster because my brother raved about his experience at the school. But at Westminster I wasn’t just “Bryan's little sister.” My professors all knew what I was capable of and were very quick to tell me if I wasn’t living up to my potential."

Amy Meadows '99

Harrisburg, PA

"It was everything: the small classes, the great faculty and friends. Most of all it was the opportunities to follow an interest, to be a volunteer, to gain experience, to be a leader."

Anita Rodriguez

Pittsburgh, PA

"As a student, Westminster was a place where I connected with people: forming friendships, learning, preparing myself for life, and making that very important spiritual connection with God. … The very positive connections I knew, I was able to observe, again, as my daughter, Sarah Gold '07, established her own Westminster connections!"

Ann Gold '72

Manitowoc, WI

"Westminster was the only college I wanted to attend. I wanted to be a person instead of a number. I appreciated the one-on-one relationship with the faculty. And the number-two draw for me was the elementary education department, which was, and still is, top-notch."

Anne Marshaus

Mayville, NY

"Westminster is where I grew to be the adult I am today. Choosing Westminster as the place to grow after high school was one of the best decisions that I have ever made."

Anne Piddington '00

New Castle, PA

"The Westminster learning experience goes way beyond the classroom. The total Westminster experience positioned me for future success and leadership roles. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have attended Westminster."

Anthony Carrabba '96

Cranberry, PA

"Westminster has always been a unique community of integrity, excellence, and faith with professors/staff that care about your success. I was honored as an individual and received the superb education needed to pursue my goals at the undergraduate as well as graduate level. Westminster has truly enhanced my life and career."

Barbara Braden Guffey '70

Glenshaw, PA

"I chose Westminster knowing absolutely nothing about it, except that my best friend in high school in Uniontown was going to go there. It was a great bit of luck on my part as it turned out. Effie is still a best friend after all these years and her college choice and ultimately my choice gave both of us many more good friends, preparation for life and its ups and downs, personal attention and a beautiful campus life. We also devoured far too many sticky buns from The Tavern in New Wilmington during our four years! Some things you never forget, even 60 years later."

Barbara Cloud '51

Pittsburgh, PA

"My professors knew me by name… and so did President Remick! Even more than the peaceful countryside that surrounded me, it was that sense of the familiar that made Westminster feel like home. I have a beautiful home and family of my own now, but my college years will remain some of the most cherished memories of my life because of the people who are Westminster College."

Beth Cruz '91

Crofton, MD

"In 7th grade my pastor took our youth group to a Westminster basketball game. From the moment I stepped foot on the beautiful campus and heard students greet me with a heartfelt “hi,” Westminster was the only college I wanted to attend. Five years later, receiving my acceptance letter was one of the happiest days of my life."

Beverly Michael-Higgins '69

Cheswick, PA

"For an outstanding education that prepared me for both my career and the challenges of the real world; For my closest friends and fondest memories; For the knowledgeable and caring faculty who truly put the student first; This is why I believe in Westminster."

Brian Kocian '03

McDonald, PA

"I wanted to attend a school that would provide me with not only a first-class education, but also a first-class athletic experience. The opportunity to play college football and the chance to learn from amazing professors allowed me a once in a lifetime experience. Westminster College, in many respects, defined me as a person."

Brian Lohr '84

Granger, IN

"This is simply a special place. From my first visit, where every other person acknowledged me with a smile and a hello, I knew that my values and aspirations found a home at Westminster. The education I received was an education for LIFE, and has enabled every success I have enjoyed. Most importantly, Westminster introduced me to my lovely wife, who shares my same fondness for the College. I expect my daughters will both be interested in choosing Westminster for their education, as they will be seeking a faith-centered campus that not only provides an outstanding education, but also facilitates a deepening of one's faith and love of humankind. Westminster will always be a special place made up of special people who have a special calling."

Bruce Bartoo '86

Wildwood, MO

"Westminster was my logical choice as the fourth generation of my family to enroll. I found a solid foundational education which prepared me for graduate study and professional life. More importantly, I discovered staff and faculty who genuinely cared. They learned my name and used it. They noted co-curricular involvements and supported educating the whole person. … I found people I strove to emulate in my life. What speaks best is my wife, some of my wife's friends, and my daughter (who represents our fifth generation to graduate) share a common experience at Mother Fair. Who could ask for more?"

Bruce Johnston '72

Batesville, AR

"Westminster offers the best of both worlds. I was able to do top level research in my field in an environment where I knew each of my professors."

Cari Russell '97

Erie, PA

"Westminster College is a unique stepping stone between high school and the “real world.” It offers students intellectual and creative stimulation, abundant social activities, and a variety of athletic opportunities - all in a safe, small-town setting. The Westminster experience will stay with you for life."

Carla Brandon

Mars, PA

"Westminster helped me attain my undergraduate degree as an adult. It was the personal touch that made all the difference in the world. Now as an employee, I am proud to be a part of that. I see every day how Westminster positively influences our students."

Carol Morrow '95

Stoneboro, PA

"My memories of Westminster are uniformly positive. Now, after nearly 50 years, I treasure the friendships that began in the sorority room and the dorm."

Carolyn Reed

Lafayette, CA

"To succeed personally and professionally, give more than is expected. The faculty and administration at Westminster exhibit tremendous attention to detail and a genuine desire to help students reach their potential. Their willingness to give of themselves, both in and out of the classroom, is the difference that makes a Westminster education stand head and shoulders above others."

Caryn Pizon '96

Pittsburgh, PA

"Westminster has excellent professors and a variety of majors from which to choose, all on a beautiful campus. I received a world-class education and have gone on to do many things. I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to go to Westminster!"

Cathy Holubeck '87

Saint Clairsville, OH

"My most useful answer focuses on why I was happy when my daughter chose Westminster, since my own choice was made so very long ago. I was happy that she chose a college that gave equal importance to a student's intellectual and spiritual development. Westminster is both spiritually committed and academically challenging and innovative --perfect!"

Cathy Mester '69

Erie, PA

"My experiences at Westminster College had a profound effect on my life. I fondly remember Westminster as a wonderful place where people mattered, where faculty and students were committed to teaching and learning as a way of life. Subsequently, I spent my career as a college professor."

Charles Johnson '60

Richmond, VA

"Westminster College's professors are so dedicated to educating their students. Dedicated professors and college staff create the difference between an ordinary college education and the respect you'll have for your Westminster educational experience. I am very proud to be a Westminster College graduate."

Charmian Rodgers '95

Volant, PA

"Westminster offered exactly what I needed. The Lifelong Learning Program met my need to receive an education that was high quality, and yet personal, and suited my circumstances. At Westminster I learned from the same excellent professors as the daytime students, enjoyed the friendships of other working students, leveraged my previous college and work experience, and I succeeded."

Cherie Beal '89

Severna Park, MD

"When my grandfather came from Italy his first job was building Brown Hall. He would proudly drive us by Brown expressing his wish that we'd attend college there since he never had that opportunity. Sure enough, six of his 13 grandchildren graduated from Westminster! How proud he was! And how proud I am to be an alumnae!"

Christine D. Marctuccio '87

Sharon, PA

"Westminster builds the leaders of tomorrow. This world needs teachers, and engineers and scientists, and musicians. But most of all, we need leaders. A leader will drive us to success, no matter the field of study. Westminster creates those leaders."

Christopher Buckley '99

Minot, ND

"Westminster is a special place where you can find yourself, grow to your potential, and meet lifelong friends."

Christopher Hall '01

Pittsburgh, PA

"Westminster College provides its students with a unique perspective on knowledge. Westminster teaches students to use what they learn not only in their major, but also throughout their lives. This approach helps Westminster grads excel above their peers in both graduate school as well as professional positions."

Christopher Medjesky '05

Sullivan, IN

"I picked Westminster because of the friendly people, great academic reputation, and the beautiful campus. It felt very welcoming. I wasn't disappointed at all!"

Chuck Hayden '85

Brambleton, VA

"Westminster provided a great atmosphere for learning. Everything about it had advantages compared to the other schools to which I was accepted. Class and campus size, rural setting, great faculty and staff, everything contributed to a great college experience."

Constantine Ditsious '90

Columbia, MD

"I am certain that the most significant measure of a college education is the difference that takes place in the hearts and minds of students from matriculation to graduation. I am confident that the difference at Westminster is significant... and the feature that makes her special."

Darwin Huey '74

New Wilmington, PA

"Why Westminster?: solid education; tradition; small enough to care but large enough to provide opportunities for students to learn who they are, to make mistakes and to learn from their mistakes; to lead; to make lifelong friends; to graduate prepared to both meet life's challenges and recognize life's opportunities."

David Black '75

Mechanicsburg, PA

"Plain and simple, as great as the education is, life experience and friendships are what make Westminster special. I originally followed a friend to Westminster and quickly discovered how fateful it was that I was there. What I learned from academics and the bonds that were formed during my stay will remain with me for a lifetime."

David Lindauer '93

Monroeville, PA

"From the first moment of our initial visit, I could picture myself there. The beautiful campus and friendly staff and students made Westminster my home. The chimes in Old Main are comforting to this day. Why Westminster - there is no place like Mother Fair."

Dawn Milby '86

Bethel Park, PA

"Westminster College offers students a future; one that includes a well-rounded liberal arts education, great earning potential, and lifelong friendships."

Deborah Roud '78

Canfield, OH

"Westminster’s small size allowed the caring staff and faculty to focus on the students. It prepared me for the accountability and responsibilities of real life. I was able to participate in things that to this day have remained unmatched, as have friendships with faculty. It is a very special place and a huge part of how I became the person I am today."

Dena Masterino '92

Pittsburgh, PA

"Westminster is a place where everyone knows who you are. You are not just a number or a face in the crowd. The professors know your name and reach out to help. There are also many activities to get involved in, but most importantly, you come away with a great education from a school that is widely recognized and respected."

Diane Boustead '76

Imperial, PA

"A sandbox friend had me visit Westminster for a weekend. That atmosphere from one great weekend lasted for 50 some years. Books and everyday experiences prepared me for a successful corporate career. The highlight of course was marrying a fellow student. The friendly “hello” also followed me into everyday conversation."

Donald Hopper '56

Enola, PA

"Westminster gave me the most excellent preparation I could have found for seminary and later doctoral work in religion. Friendships with professors and students made the College a wonderful context for learning while I was given the opportunities to follow my particular academic interests. It was great!"

Donald McKim '71

Germantown, TN

"…The solid academic education received regardless of the particular discipline studied. The warmth and close relationships between students and students, and students and faculty. The small college atmosphere where students and relationships mattered, and also at that time Christian nurture was important without being intrusive. For me, Westminster was the place to be. I never had regrets being there."

Donald Patchel '56

Morganton, NC

"When I was 17, I met a girl from New Wilmington at a church youth conference. She had wonderful things to say about Westminster, which moved me to apply there. As I found when I arrived, everything she said was true. Westminster was an answered prayer for me. I'll always be grateful for the academic, spiritual, and social education I received there."

Douglas Phillips '77

Somers, NY

"It is a relaxed atmosphere and a good place for learning. With smaller classes, you are able to speak to your professor more often about your goals."

Dr. Nancy B. Higgins '70

Potomac, MD

"Westminster is a haven which promotes universal learning and growth to a degree that is often attempted, but not often achieved. As one who has experienced Westminster from many angles, I couldn't be more proud of all that is Westminster and who Westminster allowed me to become."

Elizabeth King '05

Bronx, NY

"As a parent of two college-aged children, I realize how lucky I was to have the small class sizes at Westminster. My professors knew my name and cared about me as an individual. They encouraged my academic strengths and helped me overcome weaknesses. I will always be grateful for that experience."

Elizabeth Carespodi '82

Winston-Salem, NC

"Even back in the day, Mother Fair was highly regarded as an outstanding liberal arts college. But aside from a good education, the experiences that I gained from four years in New Wilmington have served me all of my life. Maybe the most important was learning how to be creative in your thinking, how important relationships are in your life, and how to have as much fun as possible no matter what. These lessons have served me well. Thank you Westminster!"

Ellen Riddell '74

Tampa, FL

"My mom graduated from Westminster. A typical teenager - I knew I'd go anywhere else. Then I visited. I fell in love with Westminster! It was against every teenage principle I had, but the best decision I ever made. This fall my nephew will attend Westminster and doesn't even mind that I went there too!"

Ellen Zissis '86

Canonsburg, PA

"Why Westminster? It is difficult to choose one reason: the strong academics; the close community of students and faculty; the foundations in the Christian tradition. I believe it is the unique combination of it all that makes Westminster a great college. Even years later, I still cherish my time at Westminster."

Eric MacDonald '84

Media, PA

"I chose Westminster because of the size of the school. I was looking for a private institution that provided more one-on-one attention than a larger campus. I loved my time at Westminster - I was a RA for three years and gained so much leadership experience during those years. Westminster was the best choice for me for many reasons and I met lifelong friends during my time there."

Erin Duddy '99

Cary, NC

"It's hard to pin it down to one reason. All I know is the moment I set foot on campus I knew that Westminster was the place for me. I was a transfer student dissatisfied with my current school and Westminster was exactly what I was looking for. Deciding to attend Westminster positively impacted my life in so many ways."

Erin Palko '98

Hermitage, PA

"Westminster provides a community which supports established foundations and encourages a broadening of horizons. It was while attending Westminster that I began to think globally and to be more aware of a world beyond what I already knew. Westminster makes the present secure, while encouraging a promising and exciting future."

Evon McJunkin '81

Port Allegany, PA

"Initially, the small school atmosphere and personal contact with professors drew me to Westminster. In retrospect, equally important was the focus on liberal arts education providing a broad base for learning."

Garth Patterson '96

Jefferson, MD

"Westminster is special because of its people. Through my varied interactions with students and alumni, staff, and friends of the college, it's a rare day that passes without the cognition that I'm surrounded by some of the finest, most dedicated gifted souls on the planet. Why would I want to be anywhere else?"

Gary Swanson '88

Sharpsville, PA

"For the personal touch between faculty and students that comes with a small college; for the friendliness of the students toward each other; for the quality of the faculty; for including spirituality as one of its dimensions; and for the beauty of the campus and surrounding area."

Gerald Schofield '58

Novato, CA

"Westminster has entwined my life as its ivy does Old Main. It brought me a career and lasting friends, including my wife. It influences my days, living as I do within the peal of its bells. Its many events keep culture at hand. It helped me raise a family near its community of warm people."

Glenn Morris '53

New Wilmington, PA

"I chose Westminster for all the wrong reasons, but found the right reasons once I got on campus."

Glenn Nylander '68

Eagan, MN

"It's a beautiful campus with wonderful facilities. You receive a first-rate education from one of the top small colleges in the country. The friendships you make will be meaningful and long lasting. Although a small college, there is a wonderful and full social life."

Harriet Rickard '58

Pittsburgh, PA

"When people think of Westminster, they often think of the outstanding academic reputation, the championship sports teams and the college rankings. These are all great qualities of Westminster, but when I think of Westminster one word comes to mind: Family. When you step foot on the Westminster campus you are not just any college student. You become a part of a family of caring faculty and staff, dedicated students, and proud alumni."

Heather Davidson '92

Clark, PA

"I first visited Westminster in the spring of 1953 and was overwhelmed by the friendliness of the campus. Not only did I find my wife there, but also two of my children are Westminster graduates."

Jack Rickard '57

Pittsburgh, PA

"Like a devoted friend, Westminster stays by your side wherever you go, its presence an abiding support and joy. It wanders through your memory, restoring your faith in what matters, informing your decisions with thoughtfulness, sustaining your determination, encouraging your spirit, bringing a smile as you recall a moment, a teacher, a classmate, a staff member, a walk across campus. Westminster creates a world, a world of caring, of learning, of people, and accumulated moments, a world for which your gratitude grows and grows over the years."

Jack Ridl '67

Holland, MI

"Westminster is a GREAT place to spend four years and meet friends that will become family. You will connect with faculty and staff who will help you meet and exceed your academics dreams and achievements. Westminster is more than a college - it's a lifetime experience and an experience of a lifetime."

Jacqueline Jaros '92

Cheswick, PA

"For me, Westminster was the perfect fit. Small enough that I felt like a person that really mattered, yet large enough to feel like I was making a difference in the world. Westminster in short -- a renowned education with experiences and memories to last a lifetime."

James Barrie '05

Bulger, PA

"I chose Westminster because I fell in love with the campus and all that the College and surrounding community had to offer. I am so happy that I picked Westminster. Looking back, one of the most important aspects of my education was that the class sizes were small and were actually taught by a professor, not an assistant. I have so many fond memories of Westminster that I will cherish my whole life."

Jamie Schaeffer '00

Beaver, PA

"Coming to Westminster is the opportunity to engage in a unique community that balances caring with academic excellence. At Westminster the stage has been set for student achievement, leadership development, and overall personal growth that prepares alumnus to contribute in a variety of ways to their families, communities, and fields."

Jason Kalajainen '97

Holland, MI

"You get the education that is worth more than you are paying for. The personal attention was superior to other colleges. The environment was peaceful and serene, which is perfect for studying. With all the activities, it seemed like Westminster was in the middle of a large town."

Jason Rittenhouse '98

Gainesville, VA

"It all began with the people, particularly Ron Galbreath and Bill Bensur. It grew from the basketball team to my classmates and fraternity brothers at Theta Chi. I didn't take full advantage of all Westminster had to offer back then, but I can tell you the liberal arts approach helped me in many ways in the business world."

Jay Cummins '84

Raleigh, NC

"I chose Westminster because of the small campus and the caring faculty. It seems that everyone knows your name, including your professors."

Jeffery Ammons '07

Brookfield, IL

"I chose Westminster because as a native Pennsylvanian, I wanted to get a quality education in my home state, not too far away from my family. Westminster also offered an excellent psychology program that I still have not found the equal to in many larger universities. I never felt like I number, and knew full well there was no way I would be allowed to coast and slip through the cracks."

Jennifer Darragh

Richmond, VA

"Westminster College nurtured my whole person and prepared me for the future. The psychology honors program encouraged me to mentally stretch my limits. Titan Traverse gave me the opportunity to seek out new adventures and challenged my physical prowess. Sigma Kappa accepted me socially and widened my circle of friends. Theater Westminster and Chapel Drama broadened me culturally, and Vespers Services helped me to grow spiritually."

Jennifer Smith '01

Silver Springs, MD

"Westminster fit all of my requirements – small college, close to home (but not too close), a good business curriculum and a beautiful campus. In my four years at Westminster my requirements were met and more . . . great friends, Greek organizations, and an excellent education."

Jennifer Ireland-Haller

Gibsonia, PA

"Westminster was the perfect fit for me. It was a place that quickly felt like home, and a place where I gained far more than an education. My years at Westminster were some of the best of my life - meaningful, and fun. At Westminster, I gained relationships that will last a lifetime."

Jennifer Gross '99

Pittsburgh, PA

"My husband and I met at Westminster and now my eldest has decided that Westminster is her first choice. Why? The people, the campus, the professors, warm community, athletics, fun, Greek life, lifelong friends, exceptional education, challenging classes, safe surroundings, charming town, faith-filled people, freedom to explore and grow."

Jill Smedley '86

Nazareth, PA

"Westminster has a small, quiet environment. It gives you the best opportunity to get involved as little or as much as you want. You receive individual attention and you are allowed to participate from day one (unlike a large university). You are part of a small family, but a very loving one."

John Buco '07

Glendale, CA

"Because decades after graduating, I'm still convinced that going to Westminster College was one of the all-time best decisions of my life; a terrific education, lifelong friends, and the ongoing feeling of Titan pride."

John Voelp '73

Zelienople, PA

"The caring faculty is always there to assist you. There was never a time when I needed some extra help that I was ever refused from the faculty at Westminster. Westminster has a great academic reputation that is so well deserved. The caring doesn't stop at graduation, but carries on throughout life. There have been numerous times when I have called upon past professors and coaches for various requests and each and every time they have delivered. Westminster College offers not only a challenging experience, but also, at the end of the day, a very rewarding one."

Joseph Ambrosini '86

New Castle, PA

"I chose Westminster twice! My first choice was on hearsay. It was a church-related college. It was known as intellectually challenging with competent professors who also cared about teaching and their students. It was small and had an attractive campus. My second choice was based on experience. I returned as staff and faculty member. I did so because my experience was so satisfying -- with professors who were not only brilliant, but also provided a rich environment for learning; an administration and staff who encouraged a faith/learning dialogue; and where caring relationships were formed that remain priceless."

Judson McConnell '55

Willow Street, PA

"I chose Westminster for three reasons: size, reputation, and affordability. I wanted to attend a small liberal arts college and was impressed with Westminster's long history of educational excellence. Without the scholarships I received I would never have been able to achieve my goal of a college degree."

Julie Weagraff '92

Paineswille Twp., OH

"Through studies at Westminster, one can grow due to the amazing education received as well as supportive staff and faculty. They provide you an opportunity to reach within yourself and go where you never imagined. You’re never alone at Westminster College, yet you always shine as one of a kind."

Kara Fullman

Greensburg, PA

"When I stepped onto the campus for a visit during the summer of 1969, I immediately thought, this is it! I hadn't even spoken to anyone, yet. Westminster College felt like family and home. The friendships I established with classmates and faculty are still a part of my life today."

Karen Otteni '74

Clover, SC

"The professors at Westminster College taught me to work hard, and they never accepted mediocre work. Earning a degree under those marvelous conditions has empowered me to believe I could attain any goal I set for myself. Not a day passes without a fond memory of Westminster College and how my liberal arts degree has guided my way into three distinct careers: retail store manager, career mother, and middle school teacher. My Westminster diploma still opens doors."

Kathleen Joyce '75

Downington, PA

"I knew Westminster was the place for me the moment I stepped onto campus. The close-knit bond between faculty, staff, and students, the dedication to academic excellence, and of course, the beautifully nostalgic scenery, made Westminster the best place to learn and grow as an individual."

Katie Meadows '07

Murrysville, PA

"Westminster enabled me to get where I am today, and I was presented with so many opportunities. I still talk to my professors, and I couldn't imagine having gone to college anywhere else."

Kaylan Lehotsky '06

Bethesda, MD

"Both my husband (Christopher Baugh '96) and I credit Westminster for opening our eyes to the world. Our first trip out of the U.S. was in 1995 with the Westminster Choir. Not only was this an opportunity of a lifetime, but it also inspired us to study abroad, travel to more than 20 countries, and now live abroad. We both have international careers and are now relocating to Paris. Why Westminster? Because you want the world for your kids!"

Keri Baugh '97

Boston, MA

"Westminster provides a high quality education with a small, personal setting, where the professors take an interest in your accomplishments."

Kimberly Allen

Glen Allen, VA

"I chose Westminster because I could receive a quality education and a softball scholarship. I loved the small, private atmosphere, and the friendly people on campus. I made many friends and have a lot of fun memories. I will never forget my four years at Westminster."

Kristie Perrotte

Glenshaw, PA

"At Westminster, I was able to participate in the same experiences given at a large university, but still maintain the personal connections and atmosphere of a small college. These experiences not only increased my knowledge base, but they also prepared me for life and work!"

Kristie Kopp

York, PA

"I wasn't a number. I could speak easily and readily with professors and administrators. I was able to stay connected to family, but given many opportunities to gain independence and confidence. My Westminster education continues to prove its value long after graduation."

Kristine L. Rothwell '88

Katy, TX

"From the moment I stepped foot on campus, I knew Westminster would be my home for four years and beyond. From the small class sizes, relationships built with professors, campus activities, and beautiful campus, Westminster exceeded my expectations. It is truly a home away from home where you find lifelong friends and gain an exceptional education. I will always hold Westminster close to my heart."

Lauren Quallich '03

Hopewell, PA

"I was not going to go to Westminster because I already had two brothers who were students there. However, I too, found it was the perfect fit for me and we all loved it! I truly value the education I received and the lifelong friendships I made."

Laurie Mackaness '79

New Wilmington, PA

"Westminster's size allows students to experience the big fish, small pond phenomena, which later is a huge enabler to becoming simply a big fish. The type of person Westminster helps to create is one who knows that caring for people and fostering strong teams is invaluable for leaders."

Leslie Pemberton '82

Hartsville, SC

"Switching to Westminster’s Lifelong Learning Program was the best decision in my life! The LLP program not only fit in with my lifestyle and family, but also my employment schedule. I was able to obtain my degree in only 4 1/2 years."

Linda Spinelli '95

New Castle, PA

"I chose Westminster because I fell in love with the beautiful campus! Obviously, the reputation of a quality liberal arts education and a low student/teacher ratio was important too. Four years later, Westminster meant so much more ... a wonderful way to grow into adulthood. Quality lifetime friends, great professors, and important life lessons made all the difference."

Linda Neel '69

Newark, DE

"When I arrived on campus for an admissions visit, it felt like home. Within the first five minutes of my campus tour, I never considered going anywhere else. As a student, I was surrounded by faculty who encouraged my dreams and became my friends. They cared about my academics, but also about my overall well-being."

Lisa Mehler '95

Sharpsville, PA

"I was sold from the moment I walked on campus over 30 years ago because of the friendliness of the staff and students, the caring of an accomplished faculty, quality of education, and range of activities. It was a life-changing choice I have never regretted. Best spent four years ever!"

Louise Houk '76

Litchfield, CT

"My Westminster education has been my greatest asset in my career. Exposure to a wide variety of disciplines gave me the tools to continually succeed in new positions in new industries. And nearly 30 years after graduating, I value what I learned at Westminster more now than ever."

Lynda Musante '83

Lawrence, KS

"Westminster was the right size and quality combination for me. Westminster allowed/encouraged me to become involved; positioned me to make a difference in several ways; and promoted my growth as a person in ways that have helped me to tackle the challenges of life after college. It was a lot of fun too!"

Lynn Jones

Wilmington, DE

"It's almost as though the longer I am away from Westminster the more I appreciate the experience. It was a place that challenged me to grow intellectually and mature, but yet always kept a comfortable and secure feeling. I am proud to be a Westminster College graduate."

Lynn Ulatowski '91

South Euclid, OH

"I can truly look back and say my four years at Westminster College were some of the best in my life. Not only do I still keep in touch with nine friends from my college days 40 years ago, but actually moved back to this area after retiring from teaching in south Florida! Once again I am enjoying Westminster and its many different activities. I'm proud to be a '67 Westminster graduate!"

Lynne Thornhill '67

New Castle, PA

"Westminster is a special place for me and always will be. When I walk onto the campus it is like coming home. We grew up at Westminster College. It was the bridge between childhood and adulthood. It was a teacher that encouraged and taught with gentle kindness."

Margaret Ruppert '82

Akron, OH

"My sister, at a Big Ten school, was unaware of a final, missed it, and received a 0. My alarm did not go off for my first final freshman year. Five minutes into the final I received a phone call from my professor asking me, “Maggie, where are you?” When I arrived only moments later, my professor had a cup of coffee waiting for me on my desk."

Margie Muir '06

Lamar, PA

"While I was a philosophy and religion major at Westminster, I learned how to think critically and to write concisely. These skills have helped me to enter a number of fields over the years, from working as a stock broker to appraising real estate, from doing biomedical research to becoming a physician. My four years at Westminster prepared me to enter any occupation I have chosen."

Mark Oswald '86

Haddonfield, NJ

"At Westminster, you get the personalized education that a lot of larger schools miss out on. You are never taught by a teaching assistant and the professors actually give you their home phone numbers and emails so you can reach them with questions or concerns. I always felt like Westminster was my home away from home."

Melinda Stefko '99

Fort Collins, CO

"I selected Westminster for all the typical reasons one selects a college. What I found was far from typical … approachable professors, challenging and rewarding educational experiences, and a supportive atmosphere in and out of the classroom. I had countless experiences at Westminster that shaped the person I am today. I am grateful for the valuable education I received in the classroom and out. And, I've been blessed with a number of lifelong friendships because of these experiences."

Meredith Shafer '94

Carlisle, PA

"For me, Westminster College was the best thing that could have happened in my life. I had the opportunity to receive my degree in education and mathematics. I also had the chance to be part of the Westminster College National Champion Football Teams of 1976 and 1977, as well as a member of Sigma Nu fraternity. I made so many wonderful friends and my professors were all so honest and caring. It seems like only days, and not over 30 years, since I received my degree. My wife and I visit Westminster at least twice a year and enjoy staying in touch with the Westminster College community. The Titans have been and always will be part of me."

Michael Glodowski '79

Eastlake, OH

"Westminster gave me a chance to get away from home and grow as an adult being out on my own, as well as the opportunities to learn and excel in a close-knit environment that I would not have gotten at a bigger school."

Michael Miller '97

Kettering, OH

"My experiences at Westminster truly paved the way for my professional career in higher education. Working as an RA and a hall coordinator laid the foundation for what has proven to be a very challenging and rewarding career, where I've had the opportunity to work at five different colleges and universities. I have my Westminster education and experience to thank for that!"

Michele Kirsch '79

State College, PA

"In high school, I chose Westminster for its academic reputation. As a student, I loved Westminster's close-knit campus community. Professors were accessible and cared about my success. As an alumna, I respect Westminster because the experiences that I gained there prepared me to lead a successful and fulfilling life. The closeness that everyone talks about at Westminster is real - it's not just a marketing strategy."

Mindi Styn '97

Ellwood City, PA

"Clearly, Westminster was my best-fit institution when navigating the undergraduate admissions process. I considered the faculty, breadth of coursework, scenic location, and overall campus community as the best way to augment my personal development. Reflecting on the four years I spent in New Wilmington and the ease with which I transitioned to my professional career has only validated my decision to attend Westminster."

Nathan Crozier '01

Chicago, IL

"My parents attended Westminster in the early 1950s so my interest in WC was first peaked as a legacy. Once I toured the campus and took in its serene beauty and well-rounded curriculum, I knew the legacy would continue. The size of the campus and ratio of professors to students allowed me to be my own person and not get lost in the shuffle."

Pamela Coombe '78

North Arlington, NJ

"Westminster is the right choice because the new economy needs interdisciplinary, liberal arts majors to be leaders capable of seeing the complexities involved in decision making."

Patricia Yasolsky '89

Phoenix, AZ

"Westminster College provided me with not only a first-class education, but also a wonderful social experience, including friendships that have lasted a lifetime. The warmth of the spirit on campus is one that I will treasure always."

Patricia Frame '68

Pittsburg, CA

"My first impression of Westminster was a chunk of England sitting out in Amish country. It's beautiful. Close, yet far enough away from home. The administration, professors, staff, and student body sealed the deal. I felt welcomed, at ease, comfortable and safe. A perfect fit for me. I still LOVE Westminster College!"

Patrick McAndrew '84

Canonsburg, PA

"Because it is a place where a family atmosphere exists from the day you begin your freshman year to the day you die! The core values are centered on God, which in turn only enhances the family atmosphere."

Patrick Sentner

Pittsburgh, PA

"Westminster is about lasting relationships. Personal attention from professors, so much so that you can run into them at a business function 20 years later and they remember you … friendships that carry the rest of your life."

Paul Cunningham '85

Johnstown, PA

"Why I attended: Strong feeling of 'home', personal faculty relationships, liberal education was a priority to get a well-rounded education personally and academically. HOW it helped: I realized soon after that Westminster helped me compete extremely well at IBM with college hires worldwide -even those with higher degrees - math/comp science helped me logic through some awful tough business challenges....and even Spanish helped my career 22 years later when running our sales operations in Latin America! Westminster has a GREAT reputation and continues to prepare students very well for the dynamics and complexities of today's world."

Peter Andino '77

Norwalk, CT

"Westminster provided me with a firm foundation for my life, both professionally and personally. I gladly join with many others to offer my time, talents, and treasure to ensure that she continues to serve thousands of young people in the future as they establish their own foundations for meaningful lives."

Peter Herchenroether '76

Pittsburgh, PA

"Westminster was a nurturing, friendly place where I began a lifelong dialogue between Athens and Jerusalem; learning and faith; and grew in both."

Preston Pierce '68

Canandaigua, NY

"Westminster was simply the best match for me. It offered the programs I thought I wanted to study at the time - modern languages and education, was away from home (Pittsburgh), but not too far, and struck a cord in my heart strings from my first visit. I will always have a special place in my heart for my Westminster days."

Rebecca Myers '06

Pittsburgh, PA

"For four years as an English major, I heard my professors say this repeatedly; if you can communicate effectively through the written and spoken word, you can do any job in the world. We'll teach you how. I didn't necessarily believe them then. I absolutely believe them now. Writing and speaking were the foundation of my liberal arts experience, and they are the tools that I use every day as a professional person (Dallas Cowboys Public Relations Director)"

Richard Dalrymple '82

Coppell, TX

"Quality and value, this is why Westminster became the college of choice for me. After some research, I visited 18 colleges and universities within a 150 mile radius of Cleveland. One visit to New Wilmington and I was hooked. I owe much to Westminster for providing to me the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual. Forty plus years has not diminished my gratitude for my time at Westminster."

Richard Hackenburg

Southport, NC

"Why Westminster? Because of its people! Westminster’s greatness will always be measured by its people. People who have committed to live lives of faith and love and courage and service – on campus and in the world beyond … people who have excelled in all aspects of life – from career to church, family and community."

Roberta Laird '76

Clarion, PA

"I was predestined for Westminster as both parents were graduates. Once I got to Westminster, the fact that the professors cared about you as a person made Westminster special. They modeled the professor I am. I learned to love learning at the Blue and White."

Ronald Walker '62

Ashland, OH

"The instruction and mentoring I received at Westminster College allowed me to continue my education at the graduate level. I still remain in close contact with several of my professors who continue to mentor me. I would strongly recommend Westminster for any student who wants an education that will prepare them for graduate school and, more importantly, for life itself."

Russell Mills '05

Cranberry, PA

"Westminster College gave me everything I was looking for - a quality education; lifelong friends; a lifetime of memories; and a place I can always be proud to say I'm an alumna. I always recommend my Alma Mater to students."

S. Beth Laderer '83

Alexandria, VA

"I am very proud to say that I followed in the footsteps of my mother, who was a 1936 Westminster graduate. And I am still prouder knowing that my daughter ('09) is carrying on my family's legacy by being the third generation to attend Westminster."

Sallie Byers '72

Zelienople, PA

"I knew Westminster was someplace I could call home for the next four years of my life. Not only did the campus feel like home, but the issues of service and social justice were fostered in events and in the classroom. The psychology department pushed me to do more than I ever thought I was capable. I am very glad Westminster is part of my story."

Sara Rothenberger '97

Scranton, PA

"I fell in love with the lake. When I looked further into Westminster, I discovered a personalized College which offered an incredible education and opportunities for independence and social experiences."

Sara McMullen '02

Bellevue, PA

"Westminster provided me with a wonderful liberal arts foundation for my career. Although I graduated with a science degree, I was well equipped to succeed in law school. My liberal arts education gave me solid critical thinking and reasoning skills that I use every day in the practice of law."

Seth Rice '01

Pittsburgh, PA

"Looking back, the best thing about my experience at Westminster was the amazing range of leadership opportunities the College offered and the exceptional faculty and staff who encouraged me to pursue them. I graduated with the confidence that I could achieve anything I wanted in life."

Shelley Wygant '82

Ellicott City, MD

"Westminster and book publisher, Houghton Mifflin Company, for whom I worked for three decades were founded in 1852. Houghton's motto has been: Do it well, or not at all. This principle was instilled in me, on and off the field, during my years at Westminster."

Stephen Pekich '62

Arlington, MA

"As a newly hired elementary teacher in the fall of 1975, who was juggling coaching and additional extra curricular activities, I knew I needed a graduate school that would be flexible, close to home, and, most importantly, offering outstanding graduate programs. Westminster fit the bill in every way."

Susan McLaughlin '79

Hermitage, PA

"The minute I stepped on the campus I fell in love with the atmosphere, the people and the tight-knit community of non-stop support. I will have to say it was the best four years of my life. It takes a great school and great people to provide the things that Westminster has done for me. I love it and so should you!"

Tara Timpano '77

Falls Church, VA

"You can't help but fall in love with Westminster and the town of New Wilmington. My education and experiences were fantastic."

Thomas Ayres '97

Trumbull, CT

"The faculty still knows me by name 15 years later, and that's such a huge plus. You truly make connections that last a lifetime."

Thomas Greggs '95

Smyrna, GA

"The education I received taught me to think logically and to consider everything that could impact the decision. I know my education helped me attain the levels of management during my career."

Thomas Sarver '57

Hermitage, PA

"First, Westminster provides the personal touch; mutual concern and respect are evident in relationships among students, faculty and staff. Second, Westminster offers many opportunities for developing leadership skills and a lifelong commitment to community service. Finally, Westminster strikes a healthy balance between faith and learning, encouraging generous, honest and diverse expressions of spirituality."

Thomas Tupitza '79

Erie, PA

"Westminster is a small school so you don't get lost in the crowd and the campus is charming and quaint which makes you feel comfortable and safe. Hopefully you will meet friends your freshman year that will be friends for life like I have ... seven of us from freshman year in 1976 get together once a year!"

Tracy Parrill

Westerville, OH

"I really liked Westminster because of the community-like atmosphere. I felt like I knew everyone and my professors all knew me by name. In fact, I still keep in touch with many of them to this day."

Valentine Brkich '97

Bridgewater, PA

"I wanted a school where I was a person and not a number. Westminster far exceeded my expectations. I cannot say enough good things about WC. From the caring staff to the lifelong friends that I made, Westminster definitely provided the best four years of my life."

Vanessa Phalen '88

Hoboken, NJ

"My high school provided field trips to several small colleges. Westminster was the last and the decision was made immediately. The hello of that day has lasted 50 years along with an education that I still use today. Good friendships and love was found, too."

Virginia Hopper '58

Enola, PA

"Why Westminster? Wanting a small liberal arts college, well established, good educational background, small classes, far enough from home, Christian based, friendly and with courses in economics. Westminster made me successful in my career and life, and a proud alumnus."

Warren Watkins '54

Clarks Summit, PA

"I picked Westminster because I could still be involved in the family business in New Wilmington. I credit Westminster for the fine education and the many friends that I still have contact with around the country. The education in speech, drama, and economics helped me become a successful businessman."

Wendell Wagner '55

New Wilmington, PA

"Westminster provided me the opportunity to find a full-time teaching job before graduation. The Career Center prepared me for interviewing with feedback from actual prospective employers. The teacher job fair opened many doors through interviewing experience, research, and real job opportunities. Westminster's dedication to job placement is far above the standard."

Wendy Mattucci '98

Blacklick, OH

"The moment I stepped on campus for the first time I knew Westminster was the place for me. I cherish every aspect of my Westminster experience and although I grew up in Ohio and now live in Lancaster, Pa., Westminster will always be my home."

Zane Gizzi '83

Lancaster, PA

"The quiet, friendly feel and the excellent academic opportunities at Westminster made my decision to attend easy. My 'family' at the College and in the Biology Department was hard to leave behind when I graduated."

Rachel Harding '06

South Bend, IN

"Westminster taught me the value of dedication, patience, and perseverance in achieving all of my goals, regardless of the challenge."

Sarah Byerly '10

Export, PA

"Before coming to Westminster, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. What I didn't know was that the liberal arts education provided by Westminster would challenge me to take on new experiences and ultimately put me on a new path! Now I am employed and on my way to graduate school all thanks to the challenges and opportunities provided to me by this outstanding school."

Jennifer Kutzner '10

Oakdale, PA

"Westminster challenged and supported me in the classroom and beyond. Skills in leadership, communication, and the value of a liberal arts education in the context of the Christian faith contribute to my desire for success and helped create the ability to not always know the answers, but rather how to ask the questions which lead to the answers. The College instilled this in me. Five generations of my family are Westminster graduates. I'm proud of that tradition and what it has meant since my great grandfather graduated in the 1870s to my daughter's commencement in 2005. I love Westminster, and I always will."

Bruce Johnston '72

Batesville, AR

"Westminster didn't just give me an outstanding educational experience -- it gave me the skills and abilities to do more in life."

John Nagy '09

Pittsburgh, PA

"Westminster College gave me the personal and professional skills that I needed to launch my public relations career. The support and encouragement of my professors and classmates through all four years was the ideal starting point for everything I have accomplished since!"

Rebecca Farrell '98

Hoboken, NJ

"Westminster's liberal arts education prepared me for a world in which multitasking and being a well-rounded individual is essential for success. Communication and collaboration are essential skills, along with technical expertise, to performing day-to-day tasks and long-term projects. With the liberal arts education at Westminster, I was given a background in these disciplines I would not have received at another institution."

Jonathan Smith '02

Hermitage, PA

"Westminster gave me the skills needed to succeed. I learned how to be professional; received real world experience; and had the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics through its liberal arts education and dedicated professors. Westminster pushed me to be a servant and work for the passions in my heart, rather than for a paycheck. "

Zachary Marsh '09

Cheswick, PA

"The Education Department at Westminster absolutely paved my road to success! The faculty and staff instilled in me the fundamentals that I would need as a professional inside and outside of the classroom. School districts all over the area are impressed by Westminster students who enter their classrooms for field experiences and student teaching. I was so lucky to walk into interviews with Westminster behind me."

Stephanie Niziol '09

Grove City, PA

"Westminster taught me to always question and strive to find new ways to create justice in the world. "

Sarah Stankorb '02

Silver Spring, MD

"Hands-on experience and caring faculty members at Westminster prepared me for success. My experience with Westminster Cable Network and Titan Radio and the mentorship of my communications professors helped me secure an internship and later a temporary job with the Weekend Today Show in New York City. After graduating, my career goals changed but thanks to my liberal arts education, I was prepared for anything. I secured a job doing a little bit of everything I love (writing, public speaking, television and radio) and still had skills needed for side jobs as a freelance reporter for community stations. "

Elizabeth Farry '07

Chesapeake, VA

"Westminster opened many doors for me. It gave me a well-rounded education that prepared me to be qualified for many positions after leaving college."

Jerrod Stewart '00

Somerset, PA

"Westminster prepared me for success by allowing me to not only master my primary focus area, but also exercise my interests in other areas of study. I truly feel that I have accessed knowledge acquired in almost every class I took at Westminster. My liberal arts education enabled me to excel in not only my chosen field, but also several other fields as well."

Colin Dean '07

Pittsburgh, PA

"With patience and nurturing. Little did I know how my life would evolve after Westminster. I went from the "little jobs" to owning my own successful business. While I never worked in my major field, I remembered the confidence that a few professors had in me, and I believe that over the years I gained that confidence in myself. I will ever be grateful to Dr. Elliot Newsome and Dr. Clarence Martin...they rocked! "

Maureen McConnell Smith '81

Columbus, OH

"Every so often I see articles ranting about "new skills" education should be focusing on and I just smile. Westminster prepared me to be a critical and creative thinker, globally aware, culturally competent, and socially responsible long before most of these articles ever went to print. Westminster inspired me toward a lifelong, exhilarating pursuit of excellence built on learning, relationships and service."

Gary Swanson '88

Sharpsville, PA

"Westminster gave me a broad education beyond my concentration in elementary education. Because of that, I was afforded many opportunities to further my education with a Fulbright summer in Japan, and many NASA workshops and seminars. Thank you Westminster for a fine education."

Kay Dobbs '61


"I didn't realize how well I was prepared until I left Westminster College. The Psychology Department prepared me for a career in research through various course projects and guidance in my senior thesis project. I am grateful to the faculty for their devotion to the program. Today I teach social psychology at Wake Forest University and have a thriving research lab."

John Petrocelli '97

Huntersville, NC

"Westminster played a crucial role in making me who I am today. Not only did I receive a great liberal arts education, but I also made connections with my professors, developed relationships with my peers, and became involved in activities that have led me to become a very happy and successful young professional."

Christine Line '08

Pittsburgh, PA

"Westminster not only gave me the book smarts to know and learn my profession, but also gave me the experience to understand people. The environment on the campus encourages interpersonal relationships. The organizations with which one can become involved develop the student holistically. Westminster equips its students for more than just employment; it prepares them for a successful and meaningful life. "

Ryan Kirk '09

Pittsburgh, PA

"Westminster prepared me for success by introducing me to the diversity of the world. I also gained leadership skills through the campus's many clubs and programs. Those skills have saved lives as I am currently deployed in Afghanistan."

Matthew Waldo '08

Killeen, TX

"Westminster prepared me for success by providing many opportunities to engage in the community and the larger world. I was fortunate to have wonderful mentors in Dr. Sandra Webster and Dr. David Swerdlow, among others. Westminster professors care about students enough to give the hard feedback to help them to grow."

Sara Rothenberger '97

Scranton, PA

"As with many freshmen, my priorities were out of touch with reality. I NEEDED a smaller college to mentor my behavior and help me with real-world priorities. Westminster College and many of its kind, devoted faculty were vital in realizing my future. Many faculty members went well out of their job descriptions to spend time with me, inviting me to their offices and even homes, preparing me for graduate school and life. I will be forever grateful. "

Bill Repack '61

Moon Twp., PA

"It was the people of Westminster that prepared me for success. Professors like Dar Huey, David Barner, and others were able to give me the 'real-world' lessons that were necessary in the teaching and coaching fields. At Westminster I was able to not only learn about my field, but also get the necessary hands-on experience. I am truly grateful for what Westminster gave to me."

Mark Slezak '87

Hermitage, PA

"At Westminster I found the kind of academic environment that encourages students to work through conceptual difficulties they encounter in their studies. It is a school with professors that encourage students to ask the tough questions and provides plenty of research opportunities to delve into a topic further. Such a background taught me how to learn, an invaluable skill in my field as it is ever-changing. I look back on my time at Westminster fondly and will always be grateful for the caring faculty and students I met there."

Andy Polack '08

Montgomery Village, MD

"Westminster gave me a focused environment to hone my skills and understand that I needed further education to have the success I've achieved. Westminster honed my creative tendencies by giving me access to course work in many disciplines. Professors gave me their time and energy to support me figuring it out, which would not have happened at a large university. I'm very successful personally and professional because I love what I do. I'm thankful for the academic environment that Westminster provided. "

Karen Hanchett '88

Pittsburgh, PA

"My education at Westminster has enabled me to begin a successful career at Discover Financial Services. I am able critically evaluate and logically reason through business problems to identify solutions. I effectively communicate and work with my team, peers, and supervisors. I question the status quo and seek creative ways to manage the business. I learned these competencies from the courses I took, the student organizations I led, and the research I conducted while at Westminster."

Brett Turk '08

Phoenix, AZ

"Westminster made me come out of my shell and meet new people. It was a great experience that I will never forget!"

Thomas Miller '09

New Castle, PA

"Westminster gave me a great education which prepared me well for dental school and I practiced dentistry for 48 years. My greatest success actually was finding my beautiful wife, Harriet, at Westminster. My son Rob and his wife, Sue, also are Westminster graduates, along with my younger daughter, Becky."

Jack Rickard '57

Pittsburgh, PA

"Westminster provided me with the opportunity to not only discover my full potential, but also to live that out to its fullest. In the classroom, I learned more than I could have ever imagined. Outside of the classroom, I had experiences and opportunities that most never have in a lifetime. Upon graduation, I went to graduate school for my MBA. Even though I was one of very few students coming straight from college, I felt more prepared than the majority of my classmates and know that I have Westminster to thank for all of my successes!"

Ashley Carnahan '09

Pittsburgh, PA

"What do you do with a liberal arts degree? You can do anything you set your mind to doing! I have had a successful career in textbook publishing. Westminster College prepared me well, with a well-rounded education and experiences that opened my eyes to people and cultures that were different from my own. The idea of "learning something new every day" allowed me to be much more successful in my career and with raising my children to value art, music, history, technology, and the richness of the world around us!"

Cara Warne '84

East Lansing, MI

"Westminster College taught me how to learn. It's been ten years since I graduated from Westminster College and entered the work force. I have worked for five companies; worked in five industries; had six titles; been promoted twice; and gone through box after box of different business cards. Westminster taught me never to back down from a challenge and to be open to new ideas and opportunities. In today's job climate you must be ready to embrace change and learn new skills. I thank Westminster College for giving me the tools to succeed."

Sam McKissick II '01

Rochester, NY

"From the second I stepped onto Westminster's campus until the day I graduated, the professors and staff were preparing me for a future full of success. They work with students and are always available and willing to do whatever is necessary to help. I will always value my Westminster experience."

Sirena Coon '10

Franklin, PA

"Sitting at my desk in China about to complete my two years of volunteering, it is an interesting question. I think Westminster College has helped to create a mindset that makes this choice not only reasonable, but rational. I pray that the students have teachers today to motivate them to be the best they can be."

Richard Erickson '64

Media, PA

"After over 30 years of teaching and coaching, I never would have thought that Westminster College is still a daily thought for me. The education and math departments kept me so focused on my classes and always reminded me that what you do at Westminster will last a life time. I truly believe that Westminster College was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Dr. Huey will always be my favorite professor, a true friend, and always a member of our family."

Michael Glodowski '79

Eastlake, OH

"The chance to get hands on experience in my first few weeks of freshman year was enough temptation to lure me away from the bigger, "brand name" journalism schools I had been considering. The professors in the broadcast communications department worked very hard to create a real-world environment and the parts of the newsroom they could not replicate, they made up for with testimonials from their own experience in the field. Graduation day was one of the most bittersweet days of my life. I was so sad to leave my Westminster family, but I left confident that I was ready for my chosen career."

Melissa (Batulis) Fullerton '03

Reading, PA

" I give much deserved credit to the professors of Westminster. They prepared me for success by encouraging me to do my very best—and then do a little bit better. They taught me I must do the things I fear—be it speak in front of a group of people, or take a class in which I already know I am going to have a hard time. Westminster’s professors provided for me an abundance of lessons (some inside the classroom, some outside) which taught me that if I always work hard, I will always find success."

Pamela Ropelewski '07

Erie, PA

"My first love in life is performing and I'm so blessed to be working as an actress and singer at Sight & Sound Theatres. Although I wasn't a performance major, Westminster provided me with the artistic opportunities I needed to grow into such a career. I was able to participate in Concert Choir, Opera, Band, Theatre Westminster and Dance Theater, while other colleges and universities allow their students to choose participation in only one or two ensembles."

Sarah Timm '07

Strasburg, PA

"The real world is about competition. Westminster helped me succeed by creating a positive learning environment that taught me how to contend for jobs. When I looked at other schools with radio and TV programs, almost every one of them said, "If you want to do something on-air, you can start doing that immediately." Westminster gave me no guarantees that I would do anything of significance in my major until I proved that I could do the work competently. Needing to substantiate my abilities provoked my ambition and prepared me for the field in which I work today."

Denny Wolfe '97

Bristol, CT

"My Westminster experience opened all the doors in my career and my life for me. The Westminster experience is so much more than a formal education. Maturity, wisdom, morals and ethics and a grand sense of fun are abundant gifts that Westminster gives and I continue to be a blessed recipient."

Susan Gerhart Good '74

Wilmington, DE

"I owe my success to the professors in Westminster's education department. They prepared me to teach children like no other college could. I was in a classroom from my freshman year on and, through these experiences, I was able to understand where my true talents in educations were. The faculty assisted me in obtaining all the requirements I needed so that when I graduated I was fully equipped to get a job -- in fact, I was hired before I graduated!"

Emily Morningstar '07

Camp Hill, PA

"I wouldn't trade my liberal arts education for anything. It was the springboard that propelled me into the rest of my life. I had no idea where I would land after college, but in every job I've held, and in every company I've worked for, there have always been opportunities for those willing to learn new things, those able to look across disciplines and departments to see the big picture, and for those able to speak and write well. These are the skills that Westminster gave me and that I still use every day. Regardless of where life takes me next, the liberal arts education that I received at Westminster has been, and will continue to be, my foundation for success."

Dorothy (Dotty) Michaels '79

Colorado Springs, CO

"Westminster prepared me for success by teaching me to really think about the world in which we live. The lessons learned in my classes in biology, philosophy, art, and sociology remain with me today. I was prepared for Medical School, and Westminster students could fully understand broader, more contextual subjects, such as Medical Ethics. The virtues of service and sacrifice, virtues promoted while I attended Westminster, are the very same virtues I take with me each and every day I put on my US Navy Officer's Uniform. The debt I owe Westminster College for all it has taught me and done for me as a person cannot be measured in course credits or dollars. "

Jaime Vega '01

North Bethesda, MD

"I received a world-class education both in and out of the classroom at Westminster. It was my involvement in co-curricular activities that prepared me, as a student development professional, to invest in college students today. Serving in Residence Life, SWAT, SAA, and the Learning Center gave me skills to relate well with people of different backgrounds, listen well, manage conflicts, and creatively solve problems. I feel my experience at Westminster was invaluable in preparing me to aid today's college students in having a great college experience, just as I did due to the people at Westminster who invested in me."

Devayani Wintrode '04

Grove City, PA

"Aside from providing the best possible education in my field of study, Westminster helped me grow professionally and personally. Since leaving the college, I have earned community and educational awards and have served in several director-level positions including finance director for a U.S. Congressman and marketing public relations director for a college. I don’t believe any of these opportunities or accolades were serendipity. I was prepared for my future by Westminster’s faculty, staff and administration. Now, myself a faculty member, I have the opportunity to pass the Westminster spirit of lifelong learning to the next generation. Simply said, because of Westminster, I am a better leader, community member, employee, spouse and mom. Go Titans!"

Meghan Corbin '01

Fairview, PA

"I graduated from Westminster with the skills to be successful and a lifelong learner. "

Amanda Milich '08

Greenville, PA

"My years at Westminster gave me the confidence to go for, and achieve, all of my dreams."

Kristine Rothwell '88

Katy, TX

"One of the opportunities at Westminster is the chance to get to know professors outside your field. Despite majoring in business and music, I befriended and frequently visited professors of the Religion, Chemistry, English and Library departments. It was a professor outside my major who helped me in finding my current job with Peace Corps. Now that I'm abroad, I receive encouragement from professors from many departments."

Stephen Sumpter '08

Hanover, PA

"Participating in the Quest program opened my eyes to the fact that world wasn't broken down into separate departments, but that all learning and knowledge is interconnected. That connection led me to study rhetoric and the ways people communicate in their workplaces and communities to move forward for the greater good. Now, as a professor at a liberal arts university, I find myself constantly drawing on the lessons of connectivity I learned at Westminster and recreating the engaged learning strategies of my Westminster professors."

Rebecca Pope-Ruark '98

Durham, NC

"At Westminster I was surrounded by a caring teaching staff and caring coaches. I learned a lot about math and computers, while enjoying playing basketball and baseball. The liberal arts atmosphere taught me to keep a balance in all of my subjects as well as a balance with my academics and my athletics."

William Dzuricsko '81

Hermitage, PA

"The flexibility of my liberal arts degree has truly set me apart in the work place and in life. I learned from Westminster that I am not limited by a specialization. Employers cannot train employees to have the problem-solving skills, critical thinking ability, and the capacity for lifelong learning that today's organizations require. I learned those skills at Westminster and have been practicing them and perfecting them successfully since graduating in 1991."

Wendi (Campoli) Avery '91

Pittsburgh, PA

"I chose Westminster as I knew I would have the opportunity to get involved on campus in whatever capacity I desired because of the environment offered by the College. As a result, I was SGA President & an associate member of the Board of Trustees, Treasurer of Zeta Tau Alpha and PRSSA member, all while still going to my classes. My need to multitask and juggle various responsibilities prepared me to work at an advertising agency and in corporate marketing in positions that require me to successfully manage a number of different initiatives at once."

Lindsey Braem '02

Pittsburgh, PA

"The committed faculty in my majors made certain to advocate the critical role of attending conferences in order to not only present my own research, but also to also network with and learn from my peers. Attending academic conferences served as a foundational exercise for me in professional development and personal comfort within an academic setting. Also, as a student-athlete, I learned how to successfully balance different components of my life."

Veronica Geretz '09

San Diego, CA

"The rigorous academics at Westminster forced me to think outside the box and and expose myself to broader horizons. After graduation, I was confident that I could compete in any venue in the 21st-century marketplace."

Robert Lyles '07

New Castle, PA

"My love for Westminster comes from the memories I shared with friends and experiences I had as a student. Part of Westminster's charm is often reflected in the extraordinary relationships between students, staff, and faculty. In a way, these relationships are similar to those I share with my own family. Westminster prepared me not just academically, but for life success as well. People find it strange that I call Westminster home and the people there my family, but for those of us lucky enough to share the experiences here and capture the memories, its hard to imagine home being anywhere else."

Jeff Ledebur '09

Titusville, PA

"Even after 40 years, I still am utilizing my liberal arts education. I continue to embrace my work and personal life, the love of learning, and curiosity about people and the natural world that I developed during my Westminster experience."

Judi Mitchell '70

Pittsburgh, PA

"Westminster taught me how to think for myself and to see the world much differently. Through the tutelage of such giants as Drs. Harry Swanhart, Roger Wolcott, Dale Hess (and others), I learned how to deconstruct accepted historical, political and sociological realities and come up with my own ideas. There were so many opportunities for internships and other off campus learning experiences. These internships let me test out in real life the theoretical knowledge I learned in the classroom. By the time I graduated, I felt prepared for everything. And I was!"

Douglas Phillips '77

Somers, NY

"Westminster teaches you how (in fact, forces you) to get involved and grow as a person. As part of its "home away from home" mentality, it doesn't really let you sit in your room and be a hermit. If you want to go to school and get lost, Westminster is not for you. Couple all this with quality professors, a beautiful campus, and great church relations, and you've got yourself a recipe for success."

Dennis Buffone '05

Pittsburgh, PA

"As an adult learner, Westminster welcomed me as a non-traditional student. My first contact was with the Lifelong Learning staff who answered my many questions encouraged me to explore the many possibilities that Westminster offers. Westminster faculty challenged and encouraged me throughout. Thanks Westminster for being a positive catalyst in my lifelong learning."

Karen Matis '99

New Castle, PA

"We've all heard the quote about people leaving footprints on your heart. Westminster College did the same thing for me. It's a place where professors went above and beyond to be there for me, a place that offered me the opportunities of a lifetime. It's a campus that gave me that feeling of "I know I'm meant to be here." It's a place that helped me define who I was and who I would become. Westminster College prepared me for the real world."

Christine Line '08

Pittsburgh, PA

"I came to Westminster for a Missionary Conference while still in high school and that sold me on Westminster. I loved the religion courses I took and the religion faculty (1980-1984). I majored in Religion because those classes were so interesting. I still find religion interesting and I continue working for the church."

Katherine Fishburn Miller '84

Racine, WI

"Without a doubt, Westminster's broadcasting program, combined with the liberal arts curriculum and a caring support community, prepared me for my current position in news media. The individual attention professors are able to give ensure that a student's educational experience is second to none. I'm a third-generation Westminster graduate, and I am privileged and proud to call the Westminster family my own as well!"

Alex Hines '08

Clarksburg, WV

"I was a biology major at Westminster with the thought of continuing my education in medical school. By my sophomore year, I realized that was not really what I wanted. A professor in the department recognized that I had strong writing skills and took the time to point it out. That planted the seed for what I would do next. Westminster and the faculty cared about me as an individual and greatly influenced my future."

Donna DeEulio '83

Austintown, OH

"By enlarging my horizons, both in regard to career and spirituality. Although it was years before the spiritual dividends were realized, I was employed immediately upon graduation as a teacher. Within three years I was teaching at the college level and founded a little theater. Since leaving the teaching profession I have used my acting and writing skills in every one of my three or four subsequent careers, including stints as a woodworking business founder, a sales manager for a film company, a church relations director for two major ministries and a crusade director for evangelists John Guest and Luis Palau; and finally, now, as a volunteer community developer in Uganda."

Bob Schuyler '63

Grand Rapids, MI

"Westminster provided a safe haven for me to transition from childhood to adulthood. I had to make choices on my own but in the realm of safety. The campus truly is a microcosm of the real world - just downsized. Opportunity abounds for students to expand their personal, community and world views through a multitude of experiences. I came back after 20 years to get another degree and although my experience as a graduate student was much different, it was equally satisfying."

Jody Nowry '78

Beaver Falls, PA

"Not only was I well prepared for a career in music education, but also was prepared for a meaningful second career in my late 50s and 60s. Music is for life and a degree in music education equips one to work with people of any age and introduce them to a lifelong pastime, or even a lifelong passion."

Nancy Gordon '68

Gainesville, FL

"Our Westminster professors were masters at preparing students for success. They expected us to stretch our horizons and become leaders in our chosen field. One in particular, Dr. Jerold Miller, challenged his students to go beyond our classrooms and become involved in professional organizations. He inspired me to have the confidence to become president of the Keystone State Reading Association, to become a part of Pennsylvania Department of Education committees, and then to have the honor of being president of Alumni Council. Westminster was the beginning of the fulfilling adult life I have been blessed to lead."

Roberta Laird '76

Clarion, PA

"Westminster prepared me for success in multiple dimensions: helping me develop meaningful connections with my peers and faculty as a student; providing opportunities for experiential learning; giving me professional experience while in graduate school; and giving me the desire and confidence to create the same opportunities I received for the next generation college student. Westminster gave me the foundation to author my life."

Jenna Retort '08

New Haven, CT

"I am working on my second career after retiring from the US Army at the rank of Colonel and 30 years of Service to the Nation. I look at my days at Westminster as being instrumental and fundamental in building the foundation for my success in affirming the attributes of care, community, competent leadership and all other facets of successful human endeavor. Keep up the great work!"

John "Jay" Christensen '78

Springfield, VA

"Westminster’s challenging curricula, coupled with a long-time tradition of distinction, uniquely equipped me for success. In every course, both in and outside my major, my professors challenged me at every turn to think both critically and creatively, and, though supportive in their encouragement, they never let me say “good enough.” Set against a backdrop where excellence is an institution, and the whole community works together to encourage achievement, Westminster helped me develop my interests into passions, my passions into talents, my talents into expertise, and my expertise into a fulfilling and promising career. "

Sherri Miller '97

Washington, PA

"Westminster College allowed me the hands-on training in a working radio station to provide me with the experience to get a job right after graduation -- literally, the very DAY after! I've been working in radio continuously since that day. Although the broadcasting field has changed greatly over the years, my Westminster training enabled me to get a foot in the door and get off to a good start!"

Bill McWreath '80

Pittsburgh, PA

"After graduating in the top 5% of my high school class of over 500, I found myself struggling mightily for "C's" at Westminster. That struggle, and the success that followed, continues to define who I am. The professors were always helpful and inspiring. I am immensely proud of my degree from Westminster."

Kathleen Joyce '75

Downingtown, PA

"I chose to attend Westminster because of the small town and gorgeous campus. The first day I set foot on the campus for a tour, I felt like it was my second home. All of the professors and staff members made me feel welcome. The College was able to help me achieve my goals athletically and academically. Thanks to the professors and staff members who always showed confidence in me, I have grown as an individual and now am ready and well prepared to have a successful career in education."

Maile Kirkpatrick '10

Meadville, PA

"My four years at Westminster College were essential to preparing me to attend and succeed at Harvard Law School (Class of 1990) and to develop a successful career in intellectual property law. At Westminster, I learned the value of critical thinking, logical argumentation, and persuasive writing and began to hone my skills in these areas. An interdisciplinary liberal arts program taught to me identify connections and themes among events in culture, history, politics, and law -- an invaluable skill for the practice of law. Perhaps most importantly, though, Westminster showed me the value of integrating one's vocation with service to others and was in no small part responsible for motivating me to devote substantial time to pro bono work in the civic and church-related arenas. I would not be who I am -- or where I am -- if it were not for Westminster."

Tim Cahn '84

San Francisco, CA

"I loved the intimate atmosphere in a cozy town. I think the small classes and personal relationships with the professors made learning come easy. I was a biology major and went on to medical school. Westminster prepared me to excel."

Melanie Conolly '88

Rochester, NY

"Westminster helped to prepare me for success by showing me that life is not just about a job or a career. It is about the person behind that job. You need to take time to get to know people and to listen to their needs. Investing time in people makes every day a precious one!"

Kelly Craycraft '92

Sumter, SC

"The English department professors are absolutely wonderful.The classes they teach have made me feel prepared to attend graduate school and excited to someday become a professor. Everyone at Westminster is so helpful and friendly -- going there was so nice, I wish I never had to leave."

Amanda Miller '09

Pittsburgh, PA

"Now in semi-retirement, I still cherish the community of learning and faith that embraced me at Westminster. At our graduation, one of the speakers urged us to make our lives a "dialogue between Athens and Jerusalem." I have never forgotten those words. They have inspired me to reach out and reach up. Westminster has been my intellectual foundation built on a rock of faith and understanding. The college provided opportunities for me to see the world in different ways. As a teacher, historian and archivist I cherish the past, make it useful to the present, and commend its lessons to future generations. My experiences at Westminster provided the incentive and courage to follow my changing dreams."

Preston Pierce '68

Canandaigua, NY

"Westminster helped prepare me for the business world by giving me a good basis in communication skills and mathematical analysis, which are very useful in the business world. I have worked at ESPN for 15 years and I manage the production budgeting and forecasting for NASCAR, Golf, Horse and Studio shows for ESPN and ABC Sports."

Lisa Farrell Woodis '78

Avon, CT

"Westminster helped to lay the foundation for my work in education. It also provided me with the confidence to pursue my dream of writing a healthy cookbook and traveling throughout the world teaching wellness!"

Sheri-Lynn DeMaris '79

Devon, PA

"The small class sizes, the professors' encouragement and the hands-on experience all helped to build my confidence so I could face the challenge of leading a classroom of my own. I am no longer teaching art, but my educational background lays at the foundation of all I have accomplished since my graduation so many years ago. Thank you Westminster College for giving me such a great college experience. "

Kathryn Borchers '76

The Woodlands, TX

"Westminster provided an environment in which I could grow and learn not only academically, but also socially and spiritually. All of my classes, including the electives, were challenging and yet relevant to either my course of study or my growth as an adult. The friends that I made in those four years are still my closest and dearest friends. Choosing Westminster has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! "

Kristie Kopp '96

York, PA

"I could not have asked for a better way to spend the last four years of my life preparing for my career as an elementary school teacher. Westminster became, and will always remain, my second home! The students, faculty, and employees of Westminster are truly special. I am so grateful for the wonderful environment Westminster has to offer that led me to be confident and prepared for my professional career, form lifelong relationships, gain a valuable amount of leadership experience, and grow in my faith. Westminster has molded me into a confident, caring and grateful member of our society, ready to give back to my community, the same way Westminster gave to me!"

Kristi Webler '10

Pittsburgh, PA

"I visited 11 colleges before choosing Westminster. As the saying goes, "there's no place like home." Westminster is my second home. Westminster challenges students. The professors are always willing to lend a hand and have even given me their home phone numbers in case of questions or problems. Westminster's rigorous curriculum, mixed with the available sports and activities, surpassed my wildest expectations. I am a Titan for life."

Alicia Zeis '07

Pittsburgh, PA

"My time at Westminster allowed me to expand my creativity while understanding the huge importance of business and marketing in the entertainment industry. With hard work, I was lucky enough to obtain a dream job as the supervising animator at Schell Games for Toy Story Mania, a popular new interactive Disney World attraction. I still remember the creative problem- solving challenges of every Westminster art project, and I continue to use them every day. "

John DeRiggi '01

Pittsburgh, PA

"I chose Westminster because of its rich tradition and friendly atmosphere. Westminster has been a part of my family's tradition since the 1940s. Westminster helped me to develop the skills I needed to be successful in a very competitive job market. I am so grateful for all of my professors, and how well they prepared me for the next stage of my life."

Ian Turner '10

Harrisburg, PA

"Westminster provides the environment and opportunity for you to participate in life. You're not a number or a wall flower, and you're expected to contribute. It's perfect preparation for life, both personally and professionally."

Jennifer Bridge '96

Pittsburgh, PA