Math and Computer Science Department


Terri L. Lenox


John P. Bonomo, Carolyn K. Cuff, Terri L. Lenox

Associate Professors:

Natacha Merz, Pamela A. Richardson, David Shaffer

Assistant Professors:

David E. Offner


James Anthony


Mary Elchison

Secretary-Mathematical Assn:

Barbara T. Faires

Degree Offered:

Bachelor of Science

Major Programs:

Mathematics, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science

Minor Programs:

Mathematics, Information Systems, Computer Science

Teacher Certification:


The objectives of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science are to provide a program that enables the student to acquire the knowledge and skills in mathematics and/or computer science necessary for a chosen field, to develop an appreciation of the integration of each into our society, and to generate a mode of analytical thinking that can be extended to all areas of human thought and exploration.

The department also prepares students in the natural and social sciences to use the computing and mathematical tools appropriate to their fields.

Westminster offers its students the opportunity to work with a wide range of computer hardware and software. The College also supports a campus-wide network that extends to all buildings and residence halls on campus, with full Internet access for all stations. In addition to the campus-wide computer labs, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has two computer labs equipped with Windows and Unix work stations.

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