English and Public Relations Department


Deborah C. Mitchell


Bethany F. Hicok, Deborah C. Mitchell, Richard L. Sprow, David G. Swerdlow

Associate Professors:

Andrew W. Ade, Suzanne G. Prestien

Assistant Professors:

Brittany A. Rowe-Cernevicius, Kristianne K. Vaccaro


Evann G. Garrison

Adjunct Faculty:

Rennie M. Greenfield, Brianne K. Howard, Carol S. Morrow, Jessica P. Shelenberger


Carol S. Morrow

Degree Offered:

Bachelor of Arts

Major Programs:

English, Public Relations

Minor Programs:

English, Film Studies, Public Relations, Writing

Teacher Certification:



The English major at Westminster College promotes the development of rational and creative abilities through the study of literary texts within the liberal arts curriculum. Majors advance through a course sequence which emphasizes the seminar format and culminates in independent study.

The English major sets the following goals for its students:

  1. the ability to discuss literature, including engaging in an exchange of ideas, and offering and supporting insights;
  2. the capacity to sustain controlled, critical arguments that analyze and synthesize texts;
  3. an understanding of the craft of writing, including concision, diction, grammar, and syntax;
  4. the ability to produce creative writing that shows an awareness of language, freedom from clich´┐Ż, and an understanding of genre, style, and topic;
  5. the ability to identify and use a range of sources suitable to the scholarly conversation on a particular topic, to evaluate and integrate source material, and to document accurately;
  6. an understanding of the literary tradition, the historical and cultural contexts of literature, and critical methods of reading;
  7. the ability to give well-planned, engaging presentations.

The methods for reaching these goals include a series of individually designed courses which are carefully sequenced and which focus on the development of skills throughout the major's college experience. Each year a detailed list of specific titles and topics is published by the department to aid its majors in schedule preparation. These lists are available on request at the English office in Thompson-Clark Hall.

The English major is designed to allow sufficient choices of courses while guiding the student through a well-planned, developmental program. Each set of courses after the required introductory courses (ENG 240 and ENG 250) has prerequisites.

Public Relations

The mission of the public relations program is to prepare future public relations practitioners to identify problems, research possible solutions, prepare clear responses, persuade management to implement effective plans, and devise suitable evaluative tools through the study of public relations history, theory, and practice and through practical classroom and field experiences. These skills should allow the students to make the fullest use of their liberal arts education. Ancillary to this mission is the development of personal skills including self-awareness, self-confidence, group leadership, social responsibility, discipline, and tenacity.

In keeping with the movement toward student-centered, independent study curricula, the program includes two two-semester-hour experiential studies courses in the senior year. The goal is to give seniors hands-on experience by working with on-campus groups, organizations, departments, and individuals as well as off -campus businesses in the immediate community.

Field experience will be off campus, with a graded internship required after students complete the junior sequence. Because of the importance of the internship in the public relations field, students must have taken the following courses before applying for the internship: PR 101, 202, 203, 401, 402 and WRI 201.

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