Education Department


Amy H. Camardese


Amy H. Camardese, Charlene Klassen Endrizzi, Dar Huey

Associate Professors:

Eileen Morelli

Assistant Professors:

Alison L. DuBois, Sararose D. Lynch


Tina M. Keller, Diana M. Reed

Adjunct Faculty:

Cynthia A. Clarke, Anne Crowe, Jane Dean, Mary Anne Grubic


Barbara A. Carr

Degree Offered:

Bachelor of Arts

Major Programs:

Early Childhood PreK-4 and Special Education PreK-8

Minor Programs:

Secondary Education

The mission of the Department of Education at Westminster College is to prepare PreK-4 early childhood/PreK-8 special education and secondary teachers who are distinguished by their subject matter knowledge, interpersonal capacities, pedagogical skills, and professional attitudes.

The Department of Education seeks to create a community of learners in which stimulating and challenging expectations are addressed in a positive, caring, and encouraging environment which is respectful of all individuals. The faculty seeks to model the personal attributes and pedagogical practices which distinguish the teaching profession at its best.

Through study in the Westminster Plan, the Intellectual Perspectives, general course work, and professional education, students are encouraged to build a professional knowledge base. Meaningful classroom experiences, multiple opportunities with children and youth, and partnerships with schools and agencies enable students to make connections between academic work and the field of basic education at all levels.

Competencies are sought in content knowledge, understanding the diversity of all learners, instructional strategies, management, communication, planning, assessment, professionalism, and collaboration.

The nobility and significance of the preparation of professional educators is acknowledged as the demands for service to an ever-changing, diverse, global, and technological world increase.

Upon program completion, candidates will have acquired the knowledge, demonstrated the skills, and assumed the attitudes necessary to begin a teaching career, and the credentials necessary for initial certification.

The departmental outcomes are consistent with the standards, guidelines, and outcomes of the College and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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