Economics and Business Department


Jesse R. Ligo


David O. Cushman, Daniel E. Fischmar, Jesse R. Ligo

Associate Professors:

David C. Smith

Adjunct Faculty:

Keith B. Bittel, Gail L. Miller, Sharon N. Wathen


Karen E. Coulter


John W. Geidner, Bobby B. Vucenovic

Visiting Lecturer

Brian A. Petrus

Degree Offered:

Bachelor of Science

Major Programs:

Accounting, Business Administration (Finance, Human Resources Management, International Business, Marketing), Economics

Interdisciplinary Programs:

Financial Economics, International Business, Quantitative Economics

Minor Programs:

Accounting, Economics, Human Resources, Marketing

Westminster's Department of Economics and Business strives to provide students with the concepts, the analytical tools, and the ethical foundation they will need to begin careers in business and government or to pursue graduate study in accounting, business, economics, law, or other managerial disciplines.

Students earn permission to enroll in sequential and advanced courses in accounting, business, and economics by completing the stipulated prerequisite courses with a grade of C- or better.

The Department of Economics and Business requires its students to earn not only a grade point average of 2.000 for courses taken in their major, but also to earn grades of C- or better in each course stipulated as supporting major and minor programs in the department.

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