Chemistry Department


Peter M. Smith


Helen Boylan

Associate Professors:

Martha R. Kellner, Larry S. Miller, Peter M. Smith

Assistant Professors:

Matthew S. Baker, Sarah A. Kennedy

Adjunct Faculty:

Christopher F. Cassano


Jacqueline Hall

Chemical Hygiene Officer

Lori A. Micsky

Secretary of Environmental Science

Leslie L. Watson

Visiting Assistant Professor

John N. Westgate

Degree Offered:

Bachelor of Science

Major Programs:

Biochemistry, Chemistry

Interdisciplinary Programs:

Environmental Science

Minor Programs:


Teacher Certification:

Chemistry, General Science

Pre-Professional Programs:

3-2 Environmental Science

The Department of Chemistry, through its courses, laboratory studies, seminars, and internships, introduces students to fundamental ideas in chemistry and encourages awareness of the natural world. The chemistry program, which is approved by the American Chemical Society, prepares graduates for careers as professional chemists, chemistry teachers, other technical professions, or entrance into graduate or health profession schools. The faculty guide students to an understanding of, and the ability to apply, important chemical principles. Classroom discussion, seminars, and laboratory projects in synthesis, analysis, and physical measurement provide the experiences needed to achieve these goals. The departmental faculty believe that the study of chemistry in these ways enables students to develop critical thinking skills, to use logical reasoning, to improve problem-solving skills, and to clearly and eff ectively communicate science. Students also explore ethical responsibilities for scientific and technical work in society and relate the accomplishments and expressions of their discipline to those of other disciplines.

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