Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies Department


Kristin Park

Associate Professors:

Kristenne M. Robison

Adjunct Faculty:

Bob Buehner, Nicole K. McElroy, Danielle M. Shaw


Jamie J. Chapman

Degree Offered:

Bachelor of Arts

Major Programs:

Sociology, Criminal Justice Studies

Interdisciplinary Programs:

International Studies

Minor Programs:

Sociology, Criminal Justice Studies

Sociology Concentration:

Social Policy


Sociology is the scientific study of human behavior as interpreted and experienced in groups. These groups range from face-to-face interactions to institutions like the family and religious communities to societies experiencing widespread social change. Sociology's emphasis on interaction and meaning makes us more aware of the motives behind our actions, as well as of their consequences. The department emphasizes multicultural perspectives and material to broaden the outlook of its majors.

The broadly based curriculum in the major allows the student to follow particular interests in depth, as well as to gain an overview of the discipline. The aim of the major is a general introduction to the dominant sociological theories, substantive areas, and methods of inquiry, with students acquiring competency in important analytical and technical skills.

Criminal Justice Studies

This major is for students interested in law, juvenile and adult corrections, law enforcement, correctional counseling and related areas. The major provides a sociology foundation with electives and an internship in various areas of criminology and criminal justice. Students learn about theories of the causes of crime and about the workings of the criminal justice system. They examine empirical data and study and evaluate policies. Our goal is for students to think sociologically and critically about public opinion, law and social institutions.

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