Religion, History, Philosophy, Classics Department


Tim Cuff


A. Dwight Castro, Tim Cuff, Russell E. Martin, Bryan Rennie

Associate Professors:

Patricia G. Clark, Beverly W. Cushman, David W. Goldberg, Kang-Yup Na

Assistant Professors:

Angela M. Lahr

Adjunct Faculty:

Lisa N. Hickman, Rhea S. Klenovich


Amy L. Deems, Karen L. Weichman

Degree Offered:

Bachelor of Arts

Major Programs:

Christian Education, History, Latin, Philosophy, Religion (1. Christian Tradition or 2. World Religions)

Minor Programs:

Christian Education, Greek, History, Latin, Philosophy, Religion

Teacher Certification:

Latin, Social Studies

Pre-Professional Programs:

Pre-Seminary Preparation

The Department of Religion, History, Philosophy, and Classics brings together four of the central disciplines of the Humanities, each of which provides important insights into the nature of human experience. Although separate major programs are maintained in each of the component disciplines, the combination into a single department affords greater opportunities to explore the connections between the individual disciplines and to create exciting and relevant interdisciplinary courses as well as to develop new interdisciplinary concentrations that draw on the varied expertise of the departmental faculty, many of whom have the academic training, background, and experience to teach courses in more than one of the component disciplines.

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